Mobile Legends: Minisitthar is getting a much-needed revamped this March 21st

Minisitthar arrives in the original server on March 21!

Mobile Legends has given an official insight into what to expect from the upcoming Revamped hero, Minisitthar. Minisitthar, a Fighter/Tank hero popularly known for his Dash canceling ultimate and spear-like first skill that is similar to Franco’s hook has been working on for Revamp by the developers for some months now in the Advanced server. Now he’s up and scheduled to be released in the Original Server on March 21, 2023. Without further Ado, let’s check out some reworked features and abilities to be possessed by this hero.

Minisitthar is getting revamped along with a redesigned story narrative

Minisitthar’s Story Narrative Redesign

Minisithhar’s in-game Story would be having a little bit retouch. Though he still retains the title of the King of ‘Mahar Pura’. The newly upcoming bio would give more information about his past experiences long before he became the reign King.

The new narrative would tell how Minisitthar grew from a young Prince to a Worthy and Fearless King. His in-game quotes also had a slight retouch as more importance was added to them like the “Death is the least of my worries” quote shows he’s a courageous King

Minisitthar’s New Art Design Features 

Mobile Legends Revamped Hero Minisitthar
Image via MOONTON Games

Since Minisitthar was a real-life king originally derived from the Myanmar culture. The developers seek to make Minisitthar’s overall image seem more like the Traditional Kanote of Myanmar. The developers have also reworked the presence of the leaf-shaped carving on his wristbands, the lotus waist support, and decorative patterns on his cape and leg armor. 

Mobile Legends Revamped Hero Minisitthar
Image via MOONTON Games

The developers have also taken ideas and inspirations from Kanote to design Minisitthar’s shield such that it highlights more national features of Kanote in the art style of the shield.

Minisithhar’s skillsets have been reworked and are now much stronger

The developers want Minisitthar to excel not just as a roamer but as a Fighter in the Experience lane. Hence, all the skillsets of Minisitthar have been reworked and gotten much stronger than before. Below are the highlights of what to expect from the revamped skills.

Passive Ability

Mobile Legends Revamped Hero Minisitthar
Image via MOONTON Games

Minisitthar’s new passive ability now provides a new stackable Control effect that’s triggered whenever Basic attacks or skills are used on such enemy targets, after 5 stacks they get stunned.

Spear of Glory
Image via MOONTON Games

First Skill (Spear of Glory)

Before Revamp, Minisitthar’s First skill can only ‘pull one enemy hero towards him’, but after revamp he would now be able to pull not just one, but all enemy heroes in the path of his Spear of Glory, hence greatly increasing the effectiveness of this skill.

Mobile Legends Revamped Hero Minisitthar
Image via MOONTON Games

Second skill (Shield Assault)

The revamped Shield Assault skill of Minisitthar would now make way for more possibilities for Minisitthar with its damage reduction and Basic attack-enhancing effects. He also is now capable of slamming the shield multiple times on an enemy target as against the single hit before he was Revamped.

Ultimate Ability (King’s Calling)

Passive Ability
Image via MOONTON Games

The old version of Minisitthar’s Ultimate only allowed Minisitthar to prevent enemies from using directional Movement skills. Now the newly revamped ultimate ability of Minisitthar would allow him to disable all movement skills of enemies. The Summoned Guards from the newly revamped ultimate would also inherit equipment effects which would significantly increase Minisitthar’s gain from his build.

Are you excited as Revamped Hero Minisitthar is coming to Mobile Legends? Let us know in the comments below!

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