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Revived Witch Chapter 6 brings two new dolls, new features, and more

Explore the Upper Domain of Cassiel!

Revived Witch Chapter 6: Upper Domain of Cassiel, the latest main plotline for the pixel art mobile RPG is now available. The past battles between the floating isles’ Lower and Upper Domain are continued in the current chapter. All gamers may look forward to numerous upgrades, including new features, 2 new dolls, a new outfit, a new furniture set, and generous rewards.

Revived Witch Chapter 6 comes with new events and amazing rewards

Beginning on August 30 at 4:00 am (UTC-7), a new chapter of the main plot of Revived Witch will be accessible. The Witch and her allies vanquished the enormous creature in Cassiel’s Lower Domain at the conclusion of the last chapter. She finally visits the Upper Domain in Chapter 6 when she encounters Cassiel’s Protector.

Beginning at 4:00 a.m. on August 30 and concluding at 3:59 a.m. (UTC-7) September 13 is the Clearance Rewards event. Players can earn Princess of Aurora – Lilia (EX Mage) during the event by completing stages 3 through 18 of the main story within 14 days of their initial login. Additionally, during the Shards of the Protector’s event, players can earn Soul and Stamina Flasks by performing daily tasks and unlocking puzzle pieces.

Exciting new features are introduced in Revived Witch with the new update

In addition, the update adds a brand-new feature called Road of Adventure, where players can earn a variety of rewards by finishing the game’s main tale. The Music Box will also be optimized. Albums will be created out of the songs heard on the previous journey. To earn extra benefits, players can collect a set number of albums or songs.

Revived Witch Road of Adventure
Image via Yostar Games

Additionally, following this upgrade, the novel system Reunion will always be accessible. Players can log in to the game to claim Large Soul Cryolite, Mana, Average Skill Pacts, etc. if their levels are higher than 5 and their previous login was at least 15 days ago (First Reunion).

Two new dolls and new arrivals are introduced in the in-game shop

The following dolls will be introduced in Revived Witch Chapter 6 update:

  • Godness Dana – UR Mercury Mage: Her first skill performs magic attacks on a single enemy, each attack dealing magic damage and inflicting the target with Frail. Under Frail, Enemies’ magic defense and magic damage dealt will both decrease.
  • Camilyne – UR Saltstone Destroyer: With her first skill, Camilyne deals physical damage to a single enemy target in the front row and inflicts the target with Holy Scorch. Enemies with Holy Scorch will take increased damage from Camilyne.

A new Lilia outfit called Full Bloom and a new furniture set called PixelNeko Restaurant will be available in the Shop from August 30 at 4:00 am until September 13 at 3:59 am (UTC-7). Additionally, there are lots of affordable packs that come with a lot of Diamonds, Soul Cryolites, Stamina, and Potions.

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