Rhythm Hive: A real-time multiplayer rhythm game to launch on January 14, 2021

An interactive game for K-Pop lovers

The launch of Rhythm Hive is going to be another addition among the mobile music-based games. The first look of the game looks promising as it has been using some of the biggest Korean artists like BTS, TXT (Tomorrow x Together) as a part of its promotional campaigns. Also, interested users can pre-order the game too.

Rhythm Hive: Overview


The gameplay is the same as most of the rhythm-based games where the players have to play the rhythm by tapping at the appearing notes which at first starts at a slow rate then becomes faster until the player misses. On reaching a fixed amount of misses, the game’s up for them. And of course, the player having the highest score is declared as the winner.

Game Modes

The game aims to bring like-minded people closer having the same taste in music. Featuring both single and multiplayer modes, the game can be played with friends by creating their own team as well as challenging them. The game also contains a special feature known as ‘Part Play‘ where players will be able to choose any part and play it according to their capability.

The players can improve their skills in studio mode as they put themselves to the test in the Live Studio Mode against real players. Lastly, the game contains some Performance Cards which contain unique abilities of their own. The cards are of different musical artists that the players will be using in-game. Additionally, if players pre-register for the game then they’ll receive a special reward pack after it releases.

About the developer: SuperbCorp

SuperbCorp has always been focused on creating games in this category. The South Korean company believes the combination of music and gaming as their vision and have maintained the same. The company has given its biggest hit as ‘Pianista‘ which boasted over a million downloads on the Google Play and  App Store. The game includes the music of some legendary composers like Rossini, Mozart, and Beethoven, etc. The game was well received and was later ported to Nintendo as well.

Another title by the company came in the form of “Yumi’s Cell” which received a good response as well and then went on in becoming the most popular game on the Korean App Store. Last year, the company became a subsidiary of one of Korea’s biggest music companies, The Big Hit Entertainment which is why it can be seen now the game’s having content from its parent company now.

When will Rhythm Hive release

The launch date of Rhythm Hive is scheduled for the 14th of January, 2021. However, they have opened the pre-ordering of the game, players can do the same on both the App Store and Google Play. On a final note, games like these are designed to test the player’s observing and reaction ability. But the addition of the multiplayer mode will ensure the ability of the player’s ability as compared to others.

The game’s a perfect fit for music enthusiasts, fans of the artists (K-Pop mostly), and even children who like music more than just listening. It’s easy and can be played by people of any age. Coming from a big studio, it pretty much ensures that the game will be adding even more content from it in its future.

What do you think about the Rhythm Hive launch? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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Leanne DaSilva

Hello, I was wondering about the official release date of the game because I got mixed answers about it being the 14th of January. I first heard that date via BTS on YouTube when they announced the game. But when I checked today the first answer I got on Google was February 28th, and I couldn’t find the source or reference link from the website to actually confirm. And since it says January 14th here, I was hoping you had found confirmation that could be linked to it by Superb Corb so I can know for sure that snippet has… Read more »


Hi Leanne. Yes, the date is confirmed on Chinese app store TapTap. We do not report anything false because as we all are mobile gamers here, we understand how much painful false reporting can be.

So expect the game to be launched on 14th. In the worst case, the launch can be delayed but when we have written it, the date was 14th only. See this for your reference.

Once again, I would like you to know that GamingonPhone will never ever report false information. So have faith on us, even if we are new in the market. 🙂

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