Best Rhythm Games for Android: Turn your Phone into a Musical Device

A selection of the best rhythm games available.

Rhythm games have always been very arcade by nature, and the ability to be able to play whenever you like for as long as you want is what has made mobile one of (if not) the best platforms for this genre. Today, we are going to look at some of the objectively best rhythm games for Android.

Note: In our brief reviews, we’ll be referring to the base content of the games, leaving DLC’s aside.

The Rhythm games for Android

1. Deemo

Deemo has always been the go-to rhythm games for Android for lot’s of players, and for good reason. The tracklist is amazing, fitting perfectly the aesthetic of the game and its plot. So when we talk about the gameplay, this game may appear simple. But when we compare it with the ones coming up in this list, it is something that works in favor. The level of polish that Rayark provides on its games makes this mobile gem a no brainer if you enjoy rhythm games in the slightest.

Deemo’s gameplay in action

The game is free to play but with a catch. It makes you wait up to 30 seconds before playing any song and blocking the convenient “Retry” button from being pressed in the pause menu. The game can be played in its entirety without spending a cent, but you can choose to support the developers by paying somewhere around $2 and “unlocking” the game in the process.

2. Cytus I & II

The Cytus games are the big brothers of Deemo, being the bigger and loudest ones out of the Rayark catalog. If in Deemo the focus was in piano songs and a straightforward gameplay style, Cytus does a 180 by offering a wide range of electronic music and an style of gameplay that resembles more the one found in the game “osu!”.

An example of Cytus’ hectic gameplay

Both games are very similar in regards to the gameplay with a few differences between them, but it’s worth noting that while the first one follows the Deemo model in the sense that the game’s free to play with a price to unlock all the features, the second one’s a paid game from the start.


VOEZ may as well be the best looking game of the list. The artworks are stunning to look at and the visuals flow in a way that’s actually very impressive for a game that’s on a phone. The gameplay can be described as an evolution of that found in Deemo. So, if you feel the game lacks in some aspects, there may be something here for you. The game contains an extensive tracklist and a decent enough story to keeps things interesting and you should definitely give it a try.

The visual spectacle that VOEZ tracks can be.

This games’ monetization scheme may be the most “freemium” out of the bunch because while the game is free, you have to use “Keys” in-game to unlock some songs. And you can get these by grinding or, obviously, by paying, which is less than ideal. Not everything is bad news, as the game has plenty of songs free to play from the start and a system that puts songs available for anyone to play for a limited time. If you’re looking for the game with the free content, this is the one.

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4. Muse Dash

This game might as well deserve its own genre, as it plays more like a side scroller than a traditional rhythm game. Instead of focusing on tapping falling notes, you jump and kill monsters to the beat, a change which alone can make this game easier to those less familiar with rhythm games in general. The art style is very colorful, and the attention to detail in every corner is something to write home about, so you shouldn’t skip this game if you are a fan of the genre.

A look into Muse Dash gameplay (Switch port shown)

This is, like Cytus II, a game that’s paid up front, and it’s also the most expensive out of them all, but the price ($4-ish) is more than justified for the amount of content and level of polish that the game offers.

Those were some of which we consider the best rhythm games currently available for Android. If you have a suggestion or you think there are better ones out there, let us know in the comment section!

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