Roblox is set to introduce Age Appropriate Recommendations with its new patent system

New patent filing hint at age appropriate curation!

Roblox Corp. has now filed a new patent system according to recent reports. This patent is apparently all about pushing content to players based on their age as the game attempts to curate more user-friendly content in Roblox.

Roblox is taking a new measure with this system to take care of their underage community of players 

Considering the fact that a majority of the players logging into Roblox daily are not adults, such a change in the workings of the game is quite relevant. This allows players to get content that is appropriate for their age range. Not only that but other factors like gender, location, regional regulations, and personal preferences are also being taken into account along with values ascribed to each game on the Roblox Marketplace

Mowing Masters free redeem codes Roblox new patent system
Image via Roblox

Now, this might take some time to be implemented and we don’t know when we can expect it. However, such an algorithmic change is quite valid all things considered. And it should be added to the game as soon as possible given how much it would improve the way of content is being catered.

Roblox is a really big game at this point. Hundreds of millions of players log into tens of thousands of games, with creators having easy access to create more, necessitating the need for some kind of regulation.

Roblox, Roblox wallpaper Roblox new patent system
Image via Roblox

It is also important to note that this system is quite probably also being put into place to protect minors from any harm. This only suggests safe and child-friendly content as Roblox for a while has been embroiled in controversy over their content and policies. For now, this is all that we have. It should be interesting to see how these changes are implemented in the game. 

What are your thoughts on Roblox Patent a new system for Age-Appropriate content recommendations? Let us know in the comments below!

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