Rovio Classics: Angry Birds will be delisted from multiple platforms due to various reasons

The classic title is about to get delisted!

Angry Birds, possibly one of the most iconic series in the mobile gaming industry for the past decade is now about to get the remake title Rovio Classics: Angry Birds delisted from various platforms. The developer, Rovio posted a tweet regarding the decision for the game.

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds will be delisted as it interferes with other games in the portfolio

The reason behind the decision of delisting the famous title is the fact that it interferes in a negative manner. The Finish developers have a big list of upcoming projects in their portfolio and according to the community manager Shawn Buckelew, the decision has been affected by what influence Angry Birds has on the other projects.

Other Angry Birds games will continue to exist in the App Store as per the statement from Rovio’s end. Additionally, iOS users will still be able to download Angry Birds from the App Store under its new name, Red’s First Flight. The reasoning for the delisting process has purely been credited to the development of other games, however, some fans have made their own theories.

Players have openly expressed their displeasure with the announcement

According to some fans, Rovio was delisting the game because it was too popular which is not a good feat for the other projects of Rovio as the fans only know Rovio for developing Angry Birds. Thus to make sure that their business flows in the right direction they are taking Angry Birds off the grid to make pace for their new and upcoming projects. Again, these are just some of the fan-based accusations which are not official but suggested reasons.

Rovio Angry Birds delisted, Angry Birds
Image via Rovio

The game will be delisted from Google Play on Thursday, February 23, however, fans who already have the app installed on their devices can continue to access the game even after it gets delisted from the app stores. Fans did not take this news with a positive reception, with many citing their displeasure after hearing the news.

What are your thoughts on Angry Birds getting delisted by Rovio? Let us know in the comments below.

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