Rovio surpasses 5 billion downloads worldwide for its popular Angry Birds titles

Rovio's games has probably been played by more than half the world’s total population.

Today, Rovio officially announced the fact that they have surpassed 5 Billion downloads across the world through their catalog of the incredibly popular Angry Birds games. Since the first Angry Birds title launched (which is once again available on mobile in its remastered form) in 2009, Rovio has constantly worked on newer titles that have managed to entertain huge populations, although they might not have aged all too well. 

Over 5 Billion people have played and enjoyed Rovio’s games across the years

Angry Birds Classic was the first game to get to the 1 Billion download mark 3 years after its release in 2009 and while even a number like 5 million downloads is absolutely a major milestone for most developers, 5 billion means that literally a lot more than half of the world has probably played the game since we’re getting closer to the 8 billion mark in terms of the total human population.

Now there’s obviously the practical case of players downloading and re-downloading multiple games. However, even then, it’s really probable that they actually have managed to hit the goal with 5 billion actual downloads.

Rovio bring back Angry Birds, Rovio sued over child privacy violation,
Image via Rovio

This milestone shows really how popular studios like Rovio and their IPs are as casual games are usually major hits in a similar fashion. Although many gamers who had been around for the golden age of Rovio and many other developers who were broaching the casual genre in a creative and well-developed manner might be disappointed with the quality and build of most casual titles now including those coming from these major development studios, They’re still incredibly popular years after their release and this achievement shows exactly that. 

What are your thoughts as Rovio crossed 5 billion downloads for their Angry Birds games? Let us know in the comments below!

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