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Royal Revolt IP gets a new title after 10 years as Royal Revolt: A Trader’s Tale launches on Mobile

Ready for some trading?

Royal Revolt: A Trader’s Tale is a new mobile RPG now available on Android and iOS platforms. Suppose you find the name of the game familiar, yes. In that case, the title is based on the popular IP Royal Revolt, which has seen critically acclaimed games released on mobile, and the sequel for the original recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

If you do not know already, Royal Revolt was initially launched in 2012 followed by Royal Revolt 2 in 2014. Both of them were published by Flare Games. Now we see another sequel to the title, however, this time the game has been changed significantly from its previous games and is published under Upright Games, the company that has been managing the live services of the other Royal Revolt titles.

Royal Revolt: A Trader’s Tale brings you crafting and trading elements with quick battles

Royal Revolt: A Trader’s Tale is about you as the non-hero RPG-type character stepping into the game, with a lot of crafting and trading. You are no longer a warrior fighting the monsters of this fantasy world. Instead, you play as a shopkeeper wanting to open the most tempting shop in town that crafts and sells powerful items to eager customers.

Royal Revolt A Trader's Tale gameplay
Image via Upright Games

You will plan clever ways of attracting customers through distributing flyers, and free snacks. However, the catch lies in the minigames with every customer and using your special skills to persuade them to purchase something from your shop. As your shop grows and you craft better items, you will get very close to your customers, learn about their preferences, and train your haggling skills.

Not to mention, you will also get to unleash your inner adventurer by assembling a team of skilled heroes, each with their special combat ability. You will go on to uncharted territories, battling great and powerful monsters and unveiling rich resources that will help in crafting. The game has plenty of levels to conquer, so surely it will be a fun game to hop on to.

So, interested players can get Royal Revolt: A Trader’s Tale on both Android and iOS platforms following its launch. To download and play the game, head over to the Google Play Store and App Store.

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