Rush Wars Update 0.104: All you need to know

Just after a week of its beta release, the first update that is Rush Wars update 0.104 is here. This update brings changes into card levels, brand new loading screen, improved shop feature and many more. So let us see all the changes in detail!

New Card level system

Rush Wars update 0.104 brings a new card level system. When the game was first launched, all the cards started from level 1. Now, the starting point of the cards is changed. However, the change is purely visual. Supercell has not increased card levels.

  • Common cards: level 1 to level 20
  • Rare cards: level 5 to level 20
  • Epic cards: level 9 to level 20
  • Commanders: level 13 to level 20

Rush Wars update 0.104 brings new maps

Supercell has stated that they have added 5 new megacity maps in the game. Players will eventually get those. I’m lucky to get one of the new megacity maps just after the release! We can also that, in the time of Rush Wars global release, there will be more new maps.

Improvised shop

rush wars update, rush wars gold

The new Rush Wars update brings a good change to the shop. New gold packs are now available in the game. players can fill their gold storage with packs of 10%, 50% and 100%

Rush the battle

This is one of the best changes in this Rush Wars update 0.104. Now players can save more of their time with this new feature. Once all the defences are destroyed the game will speed up to 250%

Brand new loading screen

Rush Wars update 0.104 brings a new loading screen for the game. The featured image fo this article is the new loading image. It is much more vibrant and beautiful than the older one!

Balance changes

  • Sneaky Ninja will no longer be invisible after it shows up.
  • Bazooka will not deal extra damage to troops next to buildings.
  • Troops that leaves the boost area (includes Coach’s ability as well) will only hold the effect for 0.5s (instead of 2s)

Cards are moved to higher HQ

  • Mortar from HQ2 to HQ3
  • Tank from HQ2 to HQ3
  • Bazooka from HQ2 to HQ3
  • Laser from HQ3 to HQ4
  • Rocket truck from HQ4 to HQ5
  • Helipod from HQ5 to HQ6

Other than these big changes, there have been some as usual bug fixes. It was quite surprising to see an update so early. But yeah, it shows the dedication of Supercell to its community. I really hope more future updates before the Rush Wars releases globally.

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