Rush Wars update 0.188: New attack and defence system, shop and more

Within a month of the soft launch, Supercell is sending frequent updates for Rush Wars. After the initial small update, Rush wars just got a huge update, that is Rush wars update 0.188. Literally, this update changed the whole game mechanism. Want to know how? Keep reading the article!

New attack and defence system

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This is the biggest change in the game since its soft launch. Players will not be able to choose their own set of cards anymore. They will have the option to choose their battle deck from a particular set of cards. And this particular set of cards will change after opening three loot boxes. Then the player will have to attack with another new battle deck. Although this sounds good at some point to remove the same repetitive gameplay, many will not like it because they will not be able to go with their preferable cards. Supercell wanted to make the gameplay more strategic with the choice of the cards, thus they have implemented this system.

Rush Wars update 0.188 fixes the zero gold bases

A week ago, we had posted that the zero gold bases will be getting a fix. And finally, the update about it is here. The community was so much disappointed with the gold distribution system. Thus Supercell had to fix this burning issue as soon as possible.

Gold amounts on bases just didn’t feel quite right, with us sometimes finding bases with nothing to seize.We made some changes to ensure that every Gold Mine will ALWAYS have a nice amount of gold for you to obtain.

Improved Shop

rush wars update 0.188, shop in rush wars

Finally, the shop has got a great feature. Now it will let the players buy boxes with Gems. Previously, Gems were not much useful. But now, with the improved shop players will be able to buy the boxes with gems depending on their HQ level.

Card Balancing in Rush Wars update 0.188

rush wars update 0.188, rush wars update

The available cards have been reshuffled once again. significant changes are the movement of Laser from HQ4 to HQ7 and Movement of Ninja from HQ4 to HQ9. Both the cards were becoming very powerful troop in the game thus Supercell balanced their availability. See the photo above to know the availability of the cards with the HQ level.

Lady Grenade is now more powerful

Lady Grenade got some buffs with

  • Attack range + 0.5 tiles
  • Damage per second + 40%
  • Are damage radius + 0.5 tiles
  • Ability damage + 1.5x Damage multiplier
  • Ability Grenade count -2

What else?

  • 3 new magacity maps are now available in the game
  • HQ upgrades will now cost less gold
  • New level system
  • Players can see the online status of the players in the game
  • Players can see the online status of their friends
  • XP level will be visible in the team members list
  • Tank got 40% damage buff but 25% health nerf
  • Gorilla got 8% health buff

Overall impression of Rush wars update 0.188

This new Rush Wars update 0.188 will certainly bring a freshness to the game. The massive change in the attacking and defence system will make the game more enjoyable. No more repetitive gameplay. Now skill will outperform the money! With this brilliant changes in the game, it will be quite interesting to see how Rush Wars will look like when it goes for the global release.

What do you think about this new update? Do let us know in the comments below! Also, for more informative contents like this, follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page and don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter!

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