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SEGA has a mysterious new RPG in the works, to reveal more at the Tokyo Game Show 2021

The game already has a new Twitter account and teaser site!

SEGA is reportedly working on a new, mysterious mobile RPG and plans to reveal it at the Tokyo Game Show 2021. A teaser site, as well as a Twitter account, has also been launched. The third big event of the year 2021, after Gamescom 2021 and E3 2021, Tokyo Game Show is going to take place from the 30th of September, 2021 to the 3rd of October, 2021. Tokyo Game Show has also confirmed the news of Sega’s new RPG on their website. Netizens are hyped and disappointed at the same time regarding the news, as the title will be mobile-exclusive.

About the game

From the teaser video on the unknown RPG’s website, it seems like the game will feature a non-linear story. Players will be responsible for the flow of the story because they’ll have the choices to make. The game is going to be a brand new title. The teaser has featured a quill pen drawing the characters of the game. The trailer, though, didn’t provide any confirmation of the title being mobile-exclusive. But, what has caught the audience is the word “smartphone”, which was said by the narrators. Players are already eyeing the new RPG announcement by SEGA on the Tokyo Game Show 2021.

What is a role-playing game? It’s a journey through an unknown world.
But these days the story is a straight path, a journey that should be a road but can be turned back and redone. A predetermined ending.
But is this really what we want? Before computer games were born, the first role-playing games were made with pen and paper.
The performance and the story were up to you, and each player was free to create their own global battles. It was up to you.
A story is not something you read, but an experience you have only once.
These was excitement and freedom then. Retrieve it.
An RPG made up of scenes. A smartphone. You choose the ending.
Let’s take a one-off journey, not a straight road. Will they smile or be sad? The choices when telling this story are all yours.
You will surely know the true RPG.

VGC’s translation of the video

SEGA’s presentation at the Tokyo Game Show 2021

On the four-day show, SEGA’s new presentation will begin at 22:00 JST and will end at 23:50 JST on the 1st of October, 2021, according to the TGS website.

The teaser trailer says this specific game will be revealed at 22:50 JST. Besides it, the Tokyo Game Show 2021 will see presentations from 40+ companies including big names like Xbox, Square Enix, Capcom, and more.

Are you excited on the new RPG to be revealed by SEGA at the Tokyo Game Show 2021? Do let us know in the comments below!

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