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Seven Knights 2 August 2023 update brings a new hero, exciting events, and more

Netmarble, renowned as a prominent developer and publisher of top-notch mobile games, has revealed the introduction of the August 2023 update for their mobile RPG, Seven Knights 2. The update features the grand debut of an all-new Legendary+ hero known as Indomitable Guardian Varion. Alongside this exciting addition, players can look forward to a variety of events, a novel challenge dungeon, and an assortment of cosmetic items to enhance their gaming experience.

Seven Knights 2 introduces Indomitable Guardian Varion

The Indomitable Guardian Varion represents an Attack type, Ranged hero in the game. Once his health reaches 50% or lower, he has the ability to fully restore his maximum HP and boost his attack speed based on his ATK stat. This makes him an excellent choice to combine with other units that provide buffs for a powerful final stand before he is defeated.

Seven Knights 2 August 2023 update Varion
Image via Netmarble

Additionally, he possesses the capability to bypass shields when dealing damage to his target and inflicts extra DEF-ignoring damage on those who are Branded. Notably, he grants himself an irremovable debuff immunity while also removing buffs from enemies of the Universal type.

Seven Knights 2 August 2023 update brings thrilling Challenge Dungeons and new Swimsuit Costume

As part of the update, Seven Knights 2 will introduce Challenge Dungeons. These dungeons are seasonal and come with a ranking system based on completion time and battle conditions. Players will have the opportunity to face off against the formidable foe, Golden King Gigantus, pushing them to their limits. Interestingly, players have the option to adjust Gigantus’ level, with greater power resulting in better rewards and higher scores. Moreover, a new costume called Refreshing Sea Breeze has been included in the game for the character Phine. This special swimsuit costume arrives just in time for players to enjoy and beat the summer heat.

Seven Knights 2 August 2023 updates
Image via Netmarble

Enjoy exciting events with the update in Seven Knights 2

Events taking place during this update include:

  • Summer Festival Check-in Event (Aug. 2 – Aug. 16): Players who check in for seven days during the event period can earn a Summer Festival Chest, Sealed Accessory Summon Voucher, and many other rewards.
  • Summer Festival Ticket Crafting Event (Aug. 2 – Aug. 30): Obtain the Summer Festival Chest from check-in events or in-game special mission events. These tickets can be used to craft multiple rewards using the Summer Festival Chest. Rewards include Summer Festival Coins, Legendary Jewel Selection Ticket, Legendary+ Hero Summon Voucher, and more.
  • Summer Festival Event Shop (Aug. 2 – Aug. 30): Players can use Summer Festival Coins obtained from multiple in-game events at the Summer Festival Event Shop. These coins can be exchanged for Legendary+ Pet Summon Vouchers, Pet Step Up Summon Tickets, and more.

The official sequel to the popular game, Seven Knights, which has been enjoyed by 60 million players worldwide, is Seven Knights 2. Set two decades after the original storyline, the game introduces players to a breathtaking open-world experience. Unreal Engine 4 drives the stunning cinematics and graphics, offering players an immersive journey into an epic tale featuring distinctive characters and formidable adversaries. Within this game, players have the opportunity to gather and nurture their heroes while encountering a novel combat system, complete with potent ultimate abilities and suppressors.

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