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Seven Knights 2 February 2023 update brings a new hero, special events and more

Exciting new in-game content arrives!

The high-quality mobile role-playing game Seven Knights 2 has received a brand-new February 2023 global update, according to Netmarble, a well-known developer and publisher of mobile games. The update features a new Legendary hero, a new pet, Expanded Upgrade Dungeons, costumes, events, and more.

Introducing Awakened Emotion Diana, a new legendary playable hero

Awakened Emotion Diana (Legendary/Attack type) is the most recent playable character to join the game. She is the ideal candidate for killing enemies because of her ability to target foes with low HP. Even if an enemy changes their appearance or becomes unrecognizable, she can still target them. Her assaults destroy enemy bonuses and strengthen herself as she keeps up the pressure.

Valdur, a Legendary+ pet, the Gold Vault’s expansion to 16 stages, and increased rewards that will keep up with the growth in player count and gold supply are all additional examples of new game content. Diana now has access to the Calm Night Sky and Fragrant Warm Breeze outfits as well.

By merely logging into the game from February 15 until March 2, users can unlock Diana, a new hero. Diana’s exclusive equipment is also offered to guests who check in for 10 consecutive days. Players can also finish in-game tasks, check in, or take part in push events to earn Diana’s Memory Orbs.

Diana’s Memory Shop accepts these orbs in trade for a variety of goods, including her Calm Night Sky attire and new profile icon. The number of times that players summon pets during the Pet Step Up Summon Mission Event will determine how many additional bonuses they receive. Interested players can visit the official Seven Knights 2 website to find additional information on the latest update. They can also follow Seven Knights 2 social media channels.

Are you excited about the February 2023 global update in Seven Knights 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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