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Seven Knights 2 July 2023 update brings a new Mythic hero, costumes, and more

Exciting new in-game content is here!

Netmarble, a prominent developer and publisher recognized for its top-notch mobile games, has introduced its July 2023 update to their mobile RPG, Seven Knights 2. All players can now take advantage of fresh experiences and material, including a new Mythic Hero, outfits, and many limited-time events.

The July Update introduces The Fallen Knight, Wings of Annihilation Rudy

In this most recent Seven Knights 2 update, “Mythic Rudy,” a new hero of the Mythic level, charges into combat. Rudy is a ranged, universal hero who, after acquiring the God of Madness buff, can assume the form of a demon. He shortens the duration of Crowd Control for all of his teammates, allowing your squad to resist lock-down teams while remaining loose.

Seven Knights 2 July 2023 update
Image via Netmarble

In PVP, he shortens the caster’s skill cooldown and restores HP equivalent to their ATK after transformation, when all targets have been revived except for the caster. Additionally, whenever he is on the field, all of his Universal-type teammates receive a constant increase in damage duration.

Also included in this update are new episodes that take place after Rudy first enters the game. In addition, the new Demonic Slash outfit and Devilish Slash outfit costumes of Moon Slicing Yacha Ace will be available to players in two separate color schemes.

Seven Knights 2 July 2023 update brings new events and rewards

Several new events are now available for players to enjoy, including:

1. Rudy’s Ruby Event (July 5 – September 13)

When players check in during the event, they will receive 1,111 Rubies every day, for a total of 7,777 Rubies at the end of the promotion.

2. Check-in Event with Moon Slicing Yacha Ace (July 5 – Aug 2)

On the first day, players can obtain Summon Vouchers for the mythic-level skin “Moon Slicing Yacha Ace”. On the seventh and fourteenth days after check-in, legendary+ equipment set selection chests and hero summon tickets (10x) will be available.

3. Month of 7K Carnival Event

Throughout July, August, and September, different awards will be offered to Seven Knights 2 players who have previously played the game.

  • (For active users) July 5 – Sep 13 / (for new/returning users) July 5 ~ TBD
  • Depending on whether you are a new, returning, or active player, completing missions will result in a variety of prizes.
    • Rewards for active players: Mythic Equipment Set Selection Box, Essence of the Soul, Legendary Orb Summon Voucher, Legendary Jewel Summon Voucher, and other items.
    • Rewards for new players: Mythic Equipment Set Selection Boxes, Legendary+ Hero Selection Tickets, Legendary+ Pet Summon Vouchers, Legendary+ Platin Summon Vouchers, Mythic Ace Soulstones, and more.
    • Rewards for returning players: Mythic Equipment Set Selection Boxes, Legendary Pet Summon Tickets, Legendary+ Accessory Tickets, and other items.

4. Super 7 Crafting Event Celebrating Month of 7K (July 5 – July 19)

‘Super Seven’ Coins can be obtained by players by completing unique tasks or participating in crafting competitions. They can create a Super Seven Box using these coins, and this box has a chance to drop Legendary Pet Summon Voucher Fragments and various Summon Tickets.

Are you excited about the July 2023 update in Seven Knights 2? Let us know in the comment section below!

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