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Seven Knights 2 brings a new hero, Mythic pet, and more in its second July 2023 update

A brand new Legendary+ hero, Hell Adjutant Knox!

Netmarble, a prominent developer and publisher recognized for its top-notch mobile games, has released its second July 2023 update to its mobile RPG, Seven Knights 2. In this update, a brand-new Mythic pet, Black Tempest Zeo, as well as a brand-new Legendary+ hero, Hell Adjutant Knox, will make their debut.

Seven Knights 2 introduces a new Mythic pet and legendary hero, Hell Adjutant Knox

Players can now acquire the new Mythic Pet ,Black Tempest Zeo. It is the best support pet because it gives all friends HP Recovery, Invincibility, and a reset to their cooldowns. The pet applies Immortal and permanent Debuff Immunity when the percentage of all health dips to a particular level. Additionally, it enhances the caster’s Ultimate Skill Gauge and applies HP recovery.

Seven Knights 2 second July 2023 update
Image via Netmarble

In PvP Fields, Hell Adjutant Knox, a new Legendary+ hero of the Universal type, casts an unremovable Invulnerable on the caster and Universal allies. He can also remove stat drop effects from all allies. He is a fantastic counter against debuff-applying heroes and monsters as well as high damage kinds because of this effect.

Seven Knights 2 second July 2023 update
Image via Netmarble

When an enemy is affected by Fear, he has a chance to change all applied debuffs so that they are irremovable. Last but not least, he does damage to all foes while they are in the Unstoppable state and applies the Fear and Pull effects to them, allowing players to collect enemies together to use Area of Effect attacks on them.

The second July 2023 update also brings exciting new events and rewards

Players can still receive a variety of rewards, including Mythic Ace, during the ongoing Month of 7K. Up until August 2, several fresh events are now accessible, including:

  • Check-in event: Seven days of gaming check-ins can result in a variety of awards. Players can get a Legendary Jewel Summon Voucher(x3) on the seventh day.
  • Month of 7K Celebration Shoot & Loot event: Players can spend Cosette’s Bullets to obtain Pet Step Up Summon Ticket and Legendary Jewel Summon Voucher through in-game quests and check-ins.
  • Shoot & Loot Seven Ticket Crafting Event: To make unique goodies like Legendary+ Hero Selection Tickets, Rubies, and more, collect Seven Tickets from the Shoot & Loot event or the Field Exploration.

Seven Knights 2 is set 20 years after Seven Knights and has gorgeous open-world gameplay. After a series of incidents involving a mysterious girl named Phiné, the Daybreak Mercenaries set out on a quest to find “Rudy,” the final member of the Seven Knights. Players will get fully immersed in this epic game story, which has distinctive characters and formidable bosses.

Are you excited about the second July 2023 update in Seven Knights 2? Let us know in the comment section below!

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