Shadowgun War Games Connection Error: Madfinger Games is working on a fix

It is not more than a week since the launch but players have been facing connection error regularly in Madfinger Games’s latest Overwatch clone, Shadowgun War Games. With vibrant graphics and decent gameplay, Shadowgun War Games is having the potential to become a market hit, however, this frequent connection issue (matchmaking error, connection error, connection lost and network error) has stood in between.

Madfinger Games pushed the 0.11 update for Shadowgun War Games which was supposed to fix all these errors. However, the issues are still the same. Players are still facing connection errors in the game randomly.

Madfinger Games is collecting feedback to fix the Shadowgun War Games connection error

Since the last update did not fix the error, the developers are collecting the feedback. On their official discord, they have asked for the Region, Server and the place where the error occurred.

Players are facing random disconnects on various things. Some are facing disconnections while they are looking for a match, while some are getting connections issues in an ongoing match. Additionally, some players are even facing connection error when they are trying to login into the game.

shadowgun war games connection error
shadowgun war games connection error

Possible reasons for the disconnection?

What is actually causing the connection error, is still unknown to the gamers community. Madfinger Games have not commented on that yet. However, the random disconnections are really hampering the overall gaming experience.

When the Connection issues will be fixed?

Although it is quite expected to see things like this in a game from Madfuinger Games, the connection issue should be fixed very soon. Hopefully, by the time the next update arrives, players will be able to play without any network interruption. So it may take a week, or maybe a month. But the developers should consider this issue as their top priority. The more players will encounter this, the more people will leave the game.

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