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Plenty of Sigma Battle Royale clones have appeared on Google Play but none of them are official

Clones of Sigma Battle Royale have surfaced on Google Play.

Sigma Battle Royale clones have seemingly taken over the Google Play markets, the platform is flooded with similar-looking clones. The game was taken down from Google Play but was an instant hit amongst the battle royale fans for the time it was available on Google Play, this probably gave the motive to other fringe developers to cash in on the fame of Sigma Battle Royale by making fake clones of the game.

Sigma Battle Royale came to headlines after it was banned recently from Google Play after it reportedly violated Google Plays’s community guidelines, the game looked very similar to Free Fire, and some even claimed it to be equivalent to Free Fire hence it was subjected to copyright infringement. Do read our coverage of the ban inflicted on Sigma Battle Royale by Google Play.

Sigma Battle royale, Sigma Battle royale Gameplay
Image via Studio Arm Private Limited

Plenty of Sigma clones have surfaced on Google Play since the ban

Be aware of the fact that the game, Sigma Battle Royale has been banned from Google Play, although the developers have promised to launch the game again, the chances of it making a return on Google Play seem very less. Hence don’t be fooled by the fakes available on the Google Play app.

Most of these developers launch these sorts of fake games just to fool the audience and generate income through downloads and in-game advertisement income.

Sigma battle royale clones, Sigma battle royale
Image via Studio Arm Private Limited

The other motive is to fool the audience and get the personal data you enter into the game which they sell off, again to earn money, hence it would be a wise decision to completely ignore any game launched by this title unless and until there is an official word from the developers’ Studio Arm Private Limited.

The game when launched would find it difficult to be listed on Google Play unless it brings some changes to the gameplay, hence it would be interesting to how the developers would tackle this situation on hand.

What are your thoughts on Sigma Battle Royale clones surfacing on Google Playstore? Let us know in the comments below!

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