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Solo Leveling: ARISE Partner Creator Plus: How to Join, Benefits, and more

Join the program if you are a creator on YouTube!

Netmarble’s new action RPG Solo Leveling: ARISE has announced the Partner Creator Plus program. Creators across different social media can apply for the program by following the title’s criteria. Joining the creator program will be beneficial for both parties as it will increase player participation and fan engagement. On the other hand, creators will also receive exclusive treats from the game by receiving several rewards.

Netmarble unveiled the official website for Solo Leveling: ARISE in March 2023. Additionally, you can use redeem codes to unlock exclusive rewards and access important resources such as the beginner’s guidereroll guideelement guideclass guidehunter tier listartifacts guideteam composition guide, and Gacha system guide, all of which are essential for starting your adventure. My customer support guide is also here if you want to address your issues about the game. Lastly, be sure to read my initial impressions of the game and the revealed roadmap for 2024.

Solo Leveling: ARISE Partner Creator Plus: Overview and Requirements

Before joining the game’s creator program, there are a few requirements to complete. Besides, creators should bear knowledge of the program they’re going to apply for. Creators who not only enjoy Solo Leveling: ARISE but also want to provide enjoyable content to others, can apply for the program. For now, the game is only focusing on YouTube creators, the creators who use other platforms, may be called on later.

The game has released a schedule for Pre-Recruitment. Here is it.

Period4/18 (Thu) 08:00 – 5/2 (Thu) 02:00 (UTC+0)
Pre-Recruitment Announcement5/3 (Fri) 08:00 (UTC+0)
Season 1 Schedule5/8 (Wed) 05:00 – 6/5 (Wed) 02:00 (UTC+0)

The requirements are:

  • Age 20 or older
  • Have more than 1,000 YouTube channel subscribers
  • Creators who submitted the pre-recruitment mission

Benefits of the Creator Program

Being a content creator for the game will unlock several opportunities and exclusive rewards. The benefits are as follows.

  • Creators will receive a portion of the in-game purchases made by connected supporters as Partner Points.
  • Exclusive coupons will be given to the creators as rewards for uploading videos.
Solo Leveling ARISE Partner Creator Plus application
Image via Netmarble

Apart from these benefits, I found that ranking the creators is the most lucrative thing. The higher the rank is, the more rewards will fill the pockets. Let’s break down the benefits by rank.

RankPartner Point Accumulation RateRank Conditions
Diamond5% of Supporter Purchases100k subscribers or more, 500x supporters or more
Gold4% of Supporter Purchases10k subscribers or more, 200x supporters or more
Silver3% of Supporter Purchases5k subscribers or more, 100x supporters or more
Bronze2% of Supporter Purchases1k subscribers or more

Note that, a Bronze rank is immediately granted when selected as a creator.

How to apply for the Solo Leveling: ARISE Partner Creator Plus

I will describe in detail how to apply for the program. The process of registration for the Creator program can be done through Netmarble’s official forum. After opening the creator page, follow the instructions given below. But remember that, creators will need an account to apply for the program. From the same website, an account can be created.

  • Select Solo Leveling: ARISE and click on Continue Application.
  • Verify the YouTube Channel that will be used to post the content. Click on Verify and select the email address associated with the YouTube channel.
  • Now, write an introductory message within 200 characters. Simply introduce yourself.
  • Create a unique creator ID.
  • Enter the email. Netmarble will contact you via this email, so it should be your go-to email.
  • Now, post the link of a video content you created related to Solo Leveling: ARISE.
  • Mark the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service as OK and then click Submit.

Now, creators can follow the process and apply for the program. While applying for the program, you can read our other articles on Solo Leveling: ARISE.

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