Spine: Shadow Fight makers confirmed the production of a new project

Famous video game developers Nekki and Banzai Games have made the announcement of their next project, titled Spine via their Facebook page. The announcement was made on 22nd May 2020. A thirty-second teaser of the game is available to watch in various media platforms. By the look of it, the game looks like another action-packed game like its other titles.

About Spine

Spine by Nekki
In-game look of Spine by Nekki

Spine is a team-based PvP action game developed by Nekki. It is with the association of Banzai Games. The game is a PvP, but with a 3v3 team-based action. You can choose a character in a squad of three, while you are pit against your opposite faction. The game’s setup in the near future, in which the so-called Spine technology became the most powerful weapon in man-to-man combat. This technology sets up a Cyberpunk Environment. In other words, this game is a genre of science fiction, in a society which is under the domination of computer technology, but with lesser life.

What the team has to say about Spine

About Spine, it is an AI which connects to the spinal cord controls every muscle of a fighter. Spine gives the fighter lightning-fast reactions, extreme accuracy, and high dexterity. The people in this universe are divided into two enemy factions. Their longstanding enmity has led to development of various new fighting styles, involving both sharp blades as well as firearms.

By the look of the teaser, the game looks promising.

When Spine will release globally

There is no official update regarding the release date of the game. Currently, the project is still in the pre-production stage. As per the developers, the plan is to move the production to the summer. This is to make sure that their game, Shadow Fight Arena, gets the complete focus. After the completion of Shadow Fight Arena, Spine will be under production with increase in developers working on the game, says Nekki.

So what are your thoughts about this new project or rather the game Spine? Do let us know in the comments below.

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