Stadia Phone Link will let you use your phone as a Controller

No more controllers to enjoy games on Stadia

Cloud gaming just made another significant jump as Google’s cloud gaming platform Stadia introduces Phone Link, using which players will be able to connect their phone as touch controllers to their compatible TVs, such as Chromecast Ultra, Android TV, or Chromecast with Google TV. Or, they can use the phones to link their favorite compatible third-party controller and play the available games.

Though it uses the word “phone”, players can use any devices that can run the Stadia app. This feature will allow players to enjoy games on TV without the official Stadia Controller. This incredible feature is available from September 27, in the Stadia app for Android and iOS.

Stadia continues to bring surprises

Last August, Stadia introduced ‘Direct Touch’ controls on Android devices. With the release of Humankind for Android on August 17 this year, players can use their mobile to touch and play cloud games. Before that, Stadia was only used to connect controllers or a keyboard and mouse to play their favorite games.

Stadia Phone Link
Controller connected to TV via phone

How to use Stadia Phone Link

If anyone doesn’t have a controller, they can use their phone as one. The process is as simple as “tap and go”. Here’s how to connect your phone as a controller-

On Google TV and Android TV

  1. Launch Stadia on Google TV or Android TV.
  2. Open the Stadia app and then tap the controller prompt. If you don’t get the prompt then tap on Controller icon> Phone touch gamepad > Play on TV.

On Chromecast Ultra

  1. Switch to the input for Chromecast Ultra.
  2. From the Chromecast’s ambient mode screen, find the pairing code.
  3. Open the Stadia app.
  4. Tap “Controller” > Phone touch gamepad > Play on TV.
  5. Enter the linking code displaying on your TV by using the directional pad and face button icons.

Stadia Phone Link will support a variety of controllers whether they’re old or new, or even wired controllers if you have a USB-C to USB-A adapter. You can check the list of the supported devices i.e. mobile devices, controllers, and TVs, and streaming devices here. However, some users might be upset after seeing the list, as the supported devices look to be high-end ones.

Are you excited now about the introduction of the Stadia Phone Link? Let us know in the comments below.

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