Stadia’s Crowd Play will allow viewers to play with Streamers

YouTube content creators are encouraged to join the beta program

Google’s cloud gaming platform Stadia are including some Olympic Games in their new Crowd Play (beta) feature, as the Tokyo Olympic 2020 is on roll. Stadia lets players instantly play video games on compatible screens they already own. This time, Streamers can enjoy some selected games with their viewers while streaming. The platform encouraged gaming content creators on YouTube to join the beta program.

They have recently announced their Crowd Play feature. Crowd Play allows the player’s friends and viewers to jump into the game and play alongside them. This is much like Huya, one of the top live-streaming platforms in China, as it has a Play Together function as well. The viewers don’t need to download or own the game, just have to accept a cloud game invite from the streamers.

Game list and how to enter into Crowd Play in Stadia

Google Stadia Crowd Play
Google Stadia Crowd Play (Image via Google)

Players need to follow these steps while participating with their viewers in Crowd Play.

  1. Link your Stadia and YouTube accounts
  2. Begin live-streaming
  3. Activate Crowd Play and begin the live stream

In the Stadia Crowd Play lobby, players can pick these 10 games from Tokyo Olympic 2020. The list is as follows.

  1. 100 m Sprint
  2. 110 m Hurdles
  3. Hammer Throw
  4. Long Jump
  5. 100 m Freestyle Swimming
  6. Baseball
  7. Basketball
  8. Football
  9. Beach Volleyball
  10. Table Tennis

Each game can support a different number of players. They will compete with each other. Top viewers in line will receive an invitation to join the Crowd Play. After finishing a session, the host can decide whether to play again with the same viewers or to end the session which will remove all the players.

Join the beta program of Google Stadia

Stadia wants players to join their beta program and check the games out. Players need to have a YouTube and a Stadia account of their supported countries to apply for the beta. Apply here on this link If you are a content creator. Click this link, and you’ll find everything about the beta program.

Finally, the program is just going through its early days. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes once Stadia is launched in more regions.

Are you excited about this news about Google Stadia to add Tokyo Olympic Games 2020? Let us know in the comments section below!

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