State of Survival April 2023 update brings three new heroes to the game

Jeb Nelson, Trisha, and Wolfe receive special variant forms!

As part of a fresh wave of April 2023 update in State of Survival, three in-game heroes, Jeb Nelson, Trisha, and Wolfe, have gotten unique variation forms that have given them new subtle skills and a more exciting appearance! Players may now participate in a new style of gameplay in the survival game that is available on PC and mobile devices thanks to the release of their new power-ups.

By applying “Limitless Capsules” on their original forms, these heroes have grown and developed. The players can use these capsules, which are distributed to them as part of bundle packages, special gaming events, and more, to turn their purchased heroes into infinite ones!

April 2023 update brings three new in-game heroes to State of Survival

Players who initially unlock these characters once they reach a certain level will have access to the newly developed versions of those characters. Here’s a deeper look into each hero:

Jeb Nelson An Ordinary Master

He enjoyed the little things in life, like a cool beer, warm bread, and late-night movies. Jeb’s greatest longing was for the routine life he used to lead in the past. He was seen by the residents of the Settlement as a simpleton from the countryside. They had no idea that Jeb was an expert weapon maker who could produce works of art.

Trish, Infected No More

It was a terrible virus. Even a split second of hesitation when treating an infected patient could have devastating results. Although amputation was a drastic and debatable solution, for Trish it was the only option.

Wolfe, The Soldier that Lost Control

Before they were killed by Wolfe during the experiment, Wolfe’s courageous brethren in arms could only experience mortal horror. Wolfe is currently engulfed in a burning hatred for GigaCorp. Most of the time, Wolfe lacks mental clarity. When he is, he can’t help but become fixated on his altered arm. “What am I?” is a question he keeps asking himself.

States 1 to 333, where all new hero completion updates are currently accessible, will obtain them later when their State age increases. Players can find out more about upcoming content and the most recent information on the new hero upgrades by visiting the official State of Survival Twitter and YouTube.

What are your thoughts about the April 2023 update in State of Survival? Let us know in the comment section!

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