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StoneAge World: Netmarble’s MMORPG is set to release on June 17

South Korea’s largest mobile game developer Netmarble Corp announced that their MMORPG, StoneAge World is set to release on June 17. It will be a free-2-play game and will be available on the App Store and Google Play. Netmarble is popularly known for Lineage 2 Revolution, Seven Knights, Raven. and Everybody’s Marble.

It’s said to be an ambitious reimagining of the popular StoneAge series, which has actually been around for over 20 years. StoneAge World is the first game of the series to launch globally.

About StoneAge World

StoneAge World is a turn-based mobile game by Netmarble. The players will play the role of “Trainer,” a talented and strong warrior who collects and trains Pets to protect the society from enemies. Pets include dinosaurs, wooly mammoths, pigs, and wolves to name a few. Players will be defending Tectonika from various unknown enemies from the Machine Civilization.

StoneAge world release
StoneAge World

When does the pre-registration start?

According to the official notification, the pre-registration has already started. However, players will be able to pre-download the game on June 16. All the players who pre-register to download StoneAge World on the official website will receive 1,000,000 Stones. It is StoneAge World’s main currency. Players who pre-register on App Store and Google Play will also receive 50,000 Shells, StoneAge World’s premium currency.

Interesting story behind StoneAge World

Humanity struggled to adapt to a changed world long back. It was filled with vicious wildlife that threatened its survival. All of humanity came together to fight back and that resulted in machine life. The power was magnanimous and therefore resulted in humans losing control. As the fate of Techtonika at stake, the light spirit king and the chosen hero fought the machine life. With the machine life sealed, peace returned to Techtonika. There are people who want the machine life to be restored and so their world awaits the chosen hero to aid the Light Spirit King.

What are your views about StoneAge World release on June 17 for Android and iOS? Let us know in the comments below.

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