You can now stream your Xbox games to your iPhone and iPad

Stream your games on your iOS devices now!

Microsoft has now updated their Xbox app to allow the console owners to remotely play their Xbox games on their iPhone and iPads. This is a new feature added to the app in an update, which also brings changes and improvements to the user interface. The update was released on Android last month. Now, both mobile platforms are up-to-date with the latest new Xbox app features.

The consoles supported with this feature are Xbox One and the next-gen console, Xbox Series X/S. Any older consoles, like the Xbox 360, will not be supported.

What is the Remote Play feature?

Remote Play is a feature that allows users to stream their own personal console onto other computers or mobile devices. You can connect to your console through Wi-Fi and you will be able to control your console from a remote device. As well as connecting to your console while in the same room, you can also connect while you are away from your console.

xbox games iphone

The new Xbox app update supports this feature on iOS. You will now be able to connect your iOS device to your Xbox console and then access it remotely.

Xbox Remote Play vs Microsoft xCloud service

Don’t confuse Xbox Remote Play with the Microsoft xCloud service. They are completely different from each other. With Remote Play, you will need to have access to an Xbox console as well as the games you would like to play on them. With the xCloud service, you connect to an online server and then cloud stream your purchased games from there. For this, you do not need an Xbox console.

The situation with the xCloud service is untouched. Although the service is allowed, Apple will be demanding a 30% cut from the money earned from selling each game. On top of that, according to the App Store guidelines, each game must have its own separate application. This has put off Microsoft, hence the reason why there has been no recent update on the service coming to iOS.

What other changes are coming in the Xbox app update?

As well as the remote play feature, you will find some other improvements and changes. Compared to the previous version, the app is now much faster and the new UI matches the Xbox in general. The design of the app is now ready in preparation for the launch of the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. This console releases on the 10th of November. Some new features added is the ability to quickly download and share gameplay clips and screenshots. Another new feature is the ability to manage your console storage space from your IOS device.

You can now download the updated Xbox app from the Apple App Store. Also, we saw the release of the Android version of the update in the last month. You can download that for your Android device from the Google Play Store.

What are your thoughts on this new Xbox app update where you can stream your games on iPhone and iPads? Let us know in the comments section below.

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