Xbox enables Console streaming in the new app for iOS devices

Play Xbox games on your iOS devices now!

Microsoft has announced that a new Xbox app is coming soon for iOS devices. As reported by The Verge, this Xbox app enables streaming games straight to the devices of iOS users. This will unlock a lot of possibilities, including being able to remotely play games from your console. You will be able to play these games on your iOS device. However, you can only do that as long as it’s on the same internet connection as your Xbox is.

Play directly on Xbox with the new iOS app

The strategy Microsoft is using for the new Xbox app is to connect your device directly to your Xbox, whereas Project xCloud connected directly to the game servers. To put it simply, users will be able to play on their Xbox directly from their mobiles. This is a huge move for Microsoft considering the release of the Xbox Series X within the next few months.

Xbox app for iOS devices

This new app has already been released on Android, but iOS users haven’t been able to experience it. This is solely because of Apple’s strict App Store rules. Microsoft already tried to release Project xCloud, an app that directly relates to the Xbox Game Pass, but was blocked by Apple. However, Playstation already has a remote streaming app released on iOS. So it would only make sense that Microsoft could find a way to release a console streaming app as well.

iOS users can check out the Beta now

Excited iOS users could try out the beta of the newly updated Xbox app before it officially releases. However, Microsoft has put a limited number of downloads on the beta, so you need to be quick to download it. These beta testers will be able to test out the new console streaming feature, as well as see the improved layout and redesign of the Xbox app.

Microsoft is making many big moves in preparation for the release of the Xbox Series X. Introducing cloud streaming to mobile gamers may be a huge step in winning the console wars over the Playstation 5.

What are your thoughts on this new Xbox app enabling streaming games for iOS devices? Let us know in the comments section below.

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