Supercell content creators discuss Level 15 in Clash Royale

The never ending debate of level 15!

The announcement of Level 15 in Clash Royale caused a massive uproar in the community, prompting multiple boycotts, and it appears that this isn’t going away anytime soon until Supercell back out. Among the various discussions that have sparked on the subject, Supercell content creators Lex and Ben Timm discuss the current state of Clash Royale along with the Level 15 inclusion in Orange Juice Gaming’s new podcast-oriented channel named Peeling the Orange.

The podcast gives insights into the problems with the level 15

Starting things off, Lex stated that he has no desire to play this game right now, even him being a player of the game for seven years. Timm stressed the fact that Level 14 and the Path of Legends were tough for a free-to-play player, and Level 15 has become a stretch too far. Most of the players came back to Level 14 because they were maxed, and came along a new rarity, the Champions.

Another issue brought up was the cost of upgrading once Level 15 is reached. Given the requirement of 100,000 for Level 13 to 14 upgrade, the Level 14 to Level 15 progression would necessitate more gold. In retrospect, the advancement for lower-level players should be made cheaper, which the developers are hesitant to do.

Creators discuss Level 15 on their podcast

They compare this to Clash of Clans, another Supercell title where adding a level makes sense. They talk about how things went for the game when a new level was added, say a Town Hall 15 being introduced made the progression cheaper for the rest of the town halls and also balanced the game up to that level. This is what Clash Royale is missing to tick, and should follow.

More discussions included the Diamond Pass introduced in the recent update, where they believe that they made the pass worse. The Challenges have been poor too, and it is a disappointment for content creators since they have removed the limit cap. The creators believe that updates for losers made this less competitive, and players are just playing to fill the daily cap.

The March 2023 update faced a severe backlash from the community upon release

The announcement of Level 15 cards coming to the game in the official roadmap for the year 2023 sparked a huge debate among the community as Level 14 itself was difficult to upgrade. The opinion was that this is unnecessary and doesn’t add to any kind of interest among the players.

Clash Royale March 27th 2023 Update
Image via Supercell

Soon after, the makers contacted the Reddit community r/ClashRoyale about the heat they are receiving on the upcoming plan of a new card level within a week of releasing the roadmap and wanted their suggestions, which the users gave. It was followed by a horrible March 2023 update, thus leaving the state of the game in such turmoil, even before Level 15 is live.

What are your thoughts about Level 15 cards in Clash Royale as Supercell content creators discuss their opinions? Let us know in the comments below!

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