Supercell removed its games from Russian and Belarusian Google Play Store and App Store

More gaming studios are uniting against Russia’s recent actions.

After Minecraft’s pullout from the Google Play Store and App Store, Supercell has also announced the suspension of new downloads of their games in Russia and Belarus. Belarus was included in this response most likely due to its support for the Russian Federation.

Starting from now till this situation blows over, players will not be able to download Supercell’s games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, or any others. Also, those who have the games downloaded already will lose access to them soon with an upcoming update.

Supercell raising funds to support humanitarian efforts

In addition to the removal of their games, Supercell has pledged a million euros to the UNHCR in support of Ukraine and is even organizing a way for their fans in funding humanitarian aid for those in the country. So far, they’ve raised more than $400,000 out of the 2 million-plus goal, in which they’re matching the donations of their fans for up to a million dollars.

“Everyone at Supercell is horrified by the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. We want to try and play a part, however small, in alleviating that suffering.”

Supercell Donation page

Microsoft did something similar with Minecraft a few days ago and earlier this month, Respawn and Industrial Toys delayed the launch of Apex LegendsSoft Launch (which is now available) and Battlefield Mobile’s Closed Beta. The gaming community as a whole has now risen up in support of Ukraine and against Russia’s violent actions. While many claim that these moves are only hurting the citizens of the country who can’t change the leadership’s decisions, the main idea here is to convince the citizens to fight back against those decisions.

What are your thoughts as Supercell removes its games from the Google play store and app store in Russia and Belarus? Let us know in the comments below!

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