T3 Arena launches its first season titled Glory Begins with new characters, the Lab and more 

The game finally hits the iOS App Store this May 26.

T3 Arena is the new hottest ticket in town if you’re in the market for a fast-paced, graphically stunning multiplayer experience. XD Inc.’s 3v3 shooter is an absolute masterclass in slick, touchscreen-friendly game design. It sees you tooling up and jumping into a number of different maps, playing as a number of different hero characters, and competing in a number of different modes. Recently T3 Arena announced its first season Glory Begins to

T3 Arena only entered Early Access in March, but it has already achieved instant classic status. This is partly thanks to the features it brought to the table on day one, such as fast-paced three-minute rounds, auto-firing weapons, and voice chat. But it cemented that status with its first update, which added yet more shooty goodness.

The Overwatch like 3v3 mobile shooter has already become a fan-favorite

The latest game modes in T3 Arena include Team Deathmatch, where the aim is to help your team get to 20 eliminations before the opposing team, and Free-for-All, where the aim is just to blast everything that moves until one of you gets to 12 eliminations. Also included are some more tactically demanding modes, calling for teamwork and coordination.

T3 Arena shooting
Image via XD Entertainment

They include Control, which sees you controlling a point on the map for long enough to win the round, and Crystal Assault, which involves either attacking or defending a crystal. The characters, meanwhile, include everything from support heroes to snipers. And they’re not just the usual military grunts or fantasy staples.

T3 Arena is a sci-fi shooter with a slick sci-fi aesthetic, and heroes to match. Overwatch is probably the closest comparison in terms of visual verve, though T3 Arena is very much a unique proposition, with heroes that range from robots to aliens to college influencers.

The game brings two new characters, Hunter and Judex

Still, in Early Access, T3 Arena recently received two new characters, reimagined maps, and new game modes – all before the game is officially out. In fact, the iOS version is still in the works, with a planned release date of May 26th. Those new characters are Hunter and Judex, and they each add their own dimension to T3 Arena’s multiplayer combat.

Image via XD Entertainment
  • Hunter is a bounty hunter who comes with a rapid burst-fire rifle, injecting a dose of classic shooter gameplay. His knockback ability makes Hunter a valuable hero for both close-quarters and ranged combat. You can find him in a Rumble Box, or by reaching day 7 of the login event.
  • Judex, meanwhile, is a mythic heroine with serious pyromancy skills. She’s a firework artist, armed with a righteous flame, and despite her avowed sense of justice, she sounds absolutely terrifying. You can obtain Judex from a Rumble Box.

Beyond adding these new characters, the developers have also made changes to the existing heroes. Ruby’s Bolts of Fate now deal less damage at range, Johnny Jet has got a shield upgrade and a weapon downgrade, and Labula is now available from a Rumble Box. Cristina’s character model has had a bit of a facelift, too. 

Glory Begins in T3 Arena with the brand new Lab

And there’s more. T3 Arena now has a whole new feature called The Lab, where you can get a sneak peek at modes and maps that are under construction. It sounds like a constantly rolling beta program within the game, which is an ingenious idea. The first mode you’ll find in The Lab is Payload Escor.

For the uninitiated, Payload modes see you escorting some cargo to the end of the map, or attacking it if you find yourself on that side of the equation. By the way, because the maps and modes in the lab are still being tested and tweaked, your performance in them won’t allow you to win trophies quite as quickly as in their fully-fledged counterparts, but you’ll still be able to make progress in your Season Pass challenges.

T3 Arena’s Lab feature is also testing new events, such as the pop-up mode Coin Rush at Stargaze Ruins. To enter, all you need to do is go via the stage selection screen. There are no trophies up for grabs, but you can win yourself a stack of coins. The Lab is currently updated constantly every day with new features. Android users can still take an early sneak peek of the game from here. As for iOS users, the game is scheduled to arrive on May 26th.

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