T3 Arena is an Overwatch like 3v3 mobile shooter scheduled to release in March 2022

The game will be available for download in March

T3 Arena is a fast-paced 3v3 multi-hero shooter mobile game by XD Inc that is set to release on March 17. The game is currently available for pre-registration on Android. Players will be able to form teams with friends to engage in exciting shooter battles anytime and anywhere on their phones. The action game T3 Arena offers extensive hero selection and different gameplay modes.

Players will get to choose from a number of game modes in this game

T3 Arena Game Characters Cover
Image via XD Entertainment

T3 Arena looks to be quite similar to the hit game Overwatch. Players will be able to select a character from a bunch of heroes. The game allows a player to team up with 2 other players with different heroes. The team can then engage in a 3v3 battle with another team featuring distinct heroes. Here are the different game modes available to players in T3 Arena:

  • Team Deathmatch (3v3): Go toe-to-toe with another team. The first team to get 20 eliminations wins!
  • Crystal Assault (3v3): Attack or defend? Figuring out a strategy in this mode isn’t easy, but it sure is fun! Keeping your crystal from shattering will be a daunting challenge.
  • Control (3v3): A real measure of your cooperation with your teammates! Take control of a point on the map and hold it until 100% to earn victory.
  • Payload (3v3): Both teams focus on the same payload. If the attackers push the payload to its destination before time runs out, they win; if the defenders stop them, they win instead!
  • Payload Race (3v3): Both teams have their own payload to escort, making this mode a hectic race to the finish!
  • Free For All (Solo): Dive into chaos and come out on top! 6 heroes go head-to-head in a battle for personal glory. The first to reach 12 eliminations wins!

T3 Arena will be free to download and play. In-game purchases will cover Premium Pass, skins, upgrade resources, collections, and Rumble Boxes. Just like every other new game, players can unlock more rewards through grinding. 

T3 Arena is now open for pre-registration for Android devices

The publishers have opened up pre-registration for Android devices which can only be done through TapTap, and have announced that the game will be fully launched in March. Sadly, there have been no mentions as to when the game will be released on iOS. The developers have said in a statement, “We would like to sincerely apologize because the iOS version is still under final adjustments. We will announce it as soon as it is ready.

Are you excited as T3 Arena is currently under pre-registration and is set to release for Android in March 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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