T3 Arena: The Overwatch like 3v3 mobile shooter is now available on iOS devices

Team up with your friends!

T3 Arena is a fast-paced 3v3 multi-hero shooter mobile game by XD Inc that is now available on Apple App Store for iOS devices. Players will be able to form teams with friends to engage in exciting shooter battles anytime and anywhere on their phones.

Weapons automatically aim and fire regardless of the modes or characters you select, making matches more accessible to players who are new to shooters. T3 Arena provides an ideal pick-up-and-play experience for everyone with fast three-minute bouts.

Compete in different online modes with a wide array of characters in T3 Arena

The famous T3 Arena attracts all kinds of heroes along with Hua Ling, a new character in the arena, who uses her compound bow to fire hefty arrows from a distance. Hua Ling, like every other playable character, has a number of active, passive, and ultimate skills. Whirlwind is one of her ultimate powers, in which she forms a cyclone that moves forward to trap and damage adversaries.

T3 Arena shooting
Image via XD Entertainment

There’s a suitable character for everyone’s playstyle in T3 Arena, from legendary hacker Shell with her gauntlet-drones to Aleta with her auto-pistols. Use these characters to fight in one of eight game modes, including classic team deathmatch and Clash, a completely new elimination-based format with no respawn after defeat. The squad that wins three out of five matches is declared the winner. Players can choose from one of the 18 characters currently available, with many more to come in the future. Here are the key features of this game

  • 3-minute rounds for fast-paced fun
  • Collect different heroes and level them up to unlock unique skills
  • Competitive matches auto-firing weapons for relaxing
  • Play solo or team up in voice chat for even stronger cooperation
  • Battle players in-game modes such as team deathmatch, free-for-all, and new modes like Payload Escort

With a roster of over 18 heroes to choose from, there is someone who’ll suit everyone’s playstyle. Players can download T3 Arena now for free on the App Store and on TapTap for Android users.

Are you excited as T3 Arena is currently available on iOS devices? Let us know in the comments below!

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