Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Patch 11.3 complete changelog

Teamfight Tactics is a round-based strategy game that pits you against seven opponents in a free-for-all race to build a powerful team that fights on your behalf. Teamfight Tactics patch 11.3 is finally out and players will get to see some significant changes coming to particular traits and champions during this update. To help you know the details, we will be guiding you all through Patch 11.3 notes in Teamfight Tactics.

Enjoying the new set of TFT? As the new update rolls, we brought the latest news regarding buffs and nerfs. Come along!

Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.3

Traits Changes in Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.3

Dragonsoul is getting a vengeful quality of life in the Patch 11.3. Spirit 4 is losing some of its spirit, and Slayer 6 is embracing its heavy metal late game identity. But the real topic here is Divine. With only its duration scaling in the past, Divine has struggled to find its foothold as a trait worth investing deeply into. We want to make Divine worth devoting your comp to by giving Divine units a powerful moment of ascension that escalates in potency with each level.

1. Dragonsoul

More damage immediatly after a death.

  • Upon passing the blessing after death, the ally’s next basic attack will immediately trigger the Dragon Breath

2. Divine

Ascension is now static, and the amount of extra damage dealt/reduced changes throughout the levels of the trait.

  • Duration: 3/6/9/15 ⇒ 6 seconds across all
  • Damage Reduction: 45% ⇒ 35/45/55/65%
  • Bonus True Damage: 45% ⇒ 35/45/55/65%

3. Slayer

Now with even more people jumping from chairs looking at them go!

  • Lifesteal: 15-30 / 25-50% ⇒ 15-30 / 30-60%
  • Damage: 20-45 / 30-75% ⇒ 20-45 / 35-80%

4. Spirit

  • Attack Speed: 20/40% ⇒ 20/35%

TFT Patch 11.3: Champion changes

Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.3

Tier 1


Now able to attack people at bigger distances and scorcher without much effort

  • Attack Range: 660 ⇒ 890 (now 4 hexes instead of 3)


  • Elise’s attacks in Spider Form now increase the cost of her target’s next spell by 35/35/50%
  • Health on Spider Form Transformation: 35/40/45% ⇒ 25/30/45%


  • Rapid Fire Attack Speed: 50/60/80% ⇒ 60/70/90%


  • Diana Pale Cascade Orbs now spawn further away from her body when her size increases (ie: Titan’s Resolve)

Tier 3


More damage for our favorite dunker

  • Fortune’s Guillotine Damage: 550/800/1300 ⇒ 550/850/1400

TFT Patch 11.3: Item Changes

  • Shroud of Stillness Mana Cost Increase: 33% ⇒ 35%

Riot aims to make the game’s Mana Reave system consistent. The devs are giving a little bit of love to Shroud of Stillness. It’s a minor change and won’t make much of a difference, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

That does it for the Teamfight Tactics 11.3 Patch Notes. Hope you find it useful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below!

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