Tears of Themis announces a limited-time event titled “Blizzardous Threads of Red” releasing this January

Blizzardous Threads of Red event releases on January 12!

Tears of Themis, a romance detective game will release a brand-new limited-time event titled Blizzardous Threads of Red on January 12 in the romantic detective game Tears of Themis, according to a recent announcement from the global interactive entertainment company HoYoverse.

Together with the four male leads, players will visit Blizzard Villa, accomplish the Snowy Mountain Main Story and Side Story activities, gather Holly Stationery, and get the Event-Limited Badge, R cards, and numerous rewards!

Partner with 4 NXX members for an investigation and earn rewards during the Blizzardous Threads of Red event

At an old manor tucked away in the foothills, on a chilly, snowy night… Mevis Zeng, an antique magnate, is organizing an auction at this manor for priceless items. A large number of people from various backgrounds have been invited to the occasion, but then an accident occurs in front of their very eyes. Players will learn whether the myth of the snow beast that devours souls is true. Or if this trap has been expertly put up by someone?

Players will launch an investigation with the four NXX members to discover the secrets hidden in the old manor. They will speak with the villa guests, and collect various artifacts from the different buildings in the villa courtyard. Players will also learn about their individual Artifact Stories regarding the guest in question.

The Another Year with You reward event will also be accessible at the same time. The Tears of Themis – Limited, past event-limited SR cards (Twilight Beauty, A Star in the Palm, Winning Ball, and Eternal Whispers), Chubby Riceball Crisis event R cards, and other awards can be obtained by players by completing time-limited tasks.

Tears of Themis will also feature a time-limited total purchases event

During this event period, there will also be a Time-Limited Total Purchases Event. The First Buy Bonus will also be refreshed at the same time! The “Blizzardous” Themed Outfits for the four male protagonists as well as the “Stage” and “Old Manor” Backgrounds in the Cosmetics Shop will be on sale for a brief period.

Shadow of Themis will be accessible for a short period during the “Blizzardous Threads of Red” Event. To gain Visions, attorneys can utilize Tears of Themis – Limited or Tears of Themis – Earthly. There will be a higher draw rate for the event-limited cards Luke SSR Dreamlike Drama, Artem SSR The Weeds, Vyn SSR Burning Embrace, and Marius SSR Mirage of You.

Are you excited about the Blizzardous Threads of Red event in Tears of Themis this January? Do let us know in the comments below!

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