Tears of Themis announces “The Heart’s Wishes” event releasing this April

Remember the enjoyable past while making a special wish for the future!

The limited-time event “The Heart’s Wishes” will begin on April 19 in the romantic detective game Tears of Themis, according to a recent announcement from the international interactive entertainment company HoYoverse. Consider the enjoyable past while expressing a special aspiration for the future.

Several one-time activities will be available for players to spend more time with Artem as his birthday approaches. Players must accomplish the limited-time tasks and Travel Wishes during the events to be eligible for a variety of limited-time rewards. Starting on April 17, a limited-time rerun of the “Days to Re-Live Forever” birthday series will also be accessible.

Learn stories of Artem’s career growth journey and hear his deepest confessions in The Heart’s Wishes event

Players can get the Artem SSR card “Day and Night” during the event. Players will learn about Artem’s career development journey through anecdotes and hear his most honest admissions, as revealed by the most recent PV: “During my time as an intern, my legal mentor and I took on a case jointly. I didn’t give my safety any regard at the time. There are some things I can’t give up on while I’m in court, no matter what. The day and night. Light and shadow. He must be looking at his destined partner since he says, “You’re the live embodiment of my dreams and the embodiment of my weaknesses. What will happen next in our narrative?

Complete the limited-time tasks and earn amazing rewards in Tears of Themis

Players are encouraged to do the time-limited tasks in the Birthday Preparations Event to earn S-Chips, Stellin, and other rewards before the official start of “The Heart’s Wishes” Limited-Time Event on April 17. Players can complete the birthday-limited tasks to earn the Artem R card “Rising Star,” Tears of Themis, and other valuable gifts once “The Heart’s Wishes” Limited-Time Event officially launches on April 19th.

The Birthday-Limited Outfit “Artem – The Heart’s Wishes,” Birthday-Limited Background “Artem’s Bedroom,” Event Badge “The Heart’s Wishes,” and other special goodies can be obtained by completing all event Travel Wishes.

These recollections serve as proof that life is beautiful and that a sincere heart is unaffected by the passage of time. Artem SSR “Day and Night” will draw more people throughout the occasion, rewarded with Tears of Themis, Oracle of Justice IV, Stellin, and the entire “The Heart’s Wishes Library” furniture set (a total of 10 pieces).

There will also be a brief reprise of the SSR card, Invitation, and other elements from the previous Birthday series. Players can take advantage of this opportunity to think back on these nice interactions with Artem and preserve them as priceless memories.

Are you excited about the The Heart’s Wishes event in Tears of Themis releasing this April? Do let us know in the comments below!

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