Tears of Themis celebrates 2nd Anniversary with exciting new events and rewards

Celebrate your treasured love on this memorable day!

Tears of Themis, a romance detective game, will celebrate its 2nd anniversary in July with a massive series of online and offline events, according to a recent announcement from the international interactive entertainment company HoYoverse. Players will spend time with the four male leads on this important day, remembering all of their love encounters with them. Keep the lovely memories close to your heart and share in this everlasting affection.

Tears of Themis brings exciting new outfits, rewards and more to celebrate the occasion

In this romantic month of July, all the little moments of romance come together to form an endless ocean of emotions as relationships grow with the development of mutual trust and close cooperation. Players and the male leads will travel together on a voyage of love and fidelity. His early dream of falling in love and becoming a family has never changed.

The ocean of love and devotion is created as the rivers of destiny converge. A new route is formed when the sun and moon collide. They cast a light on a future in which they will always be drawn to one another. This promise will serve as a new compass in life. Visit the promised paradise of everlasting love with him.

Several incredible surprises will be unveiled after the start of the Anniversary events in July, including Event Rewards, First Buy Bonus Reset, Summer “Surfing” Themed Outfits, Anniversary-Limited Cards, brand-new Dynamic Invitations, and more. The Event Shadow of Themis will also be accessible for a little period, which is most significant.

Tears of Themis 2nd Anniversary
Image via HoYoverse

This will result in a higher draw rate for the “To My Beloved” Anniversary SSR cards; Luke “Orange Scent,Artem’s “Lavish Invitation,” Vyn’s “Drowning in the Ashes,” and Marius’ “World of Glitz”. To receive Anniversary-Limited Committed series Namecards, you must accumulate a particular amount of draws.

The 2nd Anniversary update will also feature a special in-game event “Moonlit Eve”

The new Anniversary edition upgrade will also include the exciting mini-game event “Moonlit Eve,” where players may interact with their favorite male leads, as well as other special in-game features. Participate in numerous themed special games, like “Park Bounty,” “Park Questionnaire,” “Moonlit Wish,” and others, to win plentiful in-game gifts.

The Tears of Themis team has also planned many fascinating offline events for the players, including offline collaborations with milk tea, coffee, perfume, and other companies, as well as broadcasting the four NXX male leads’ proposals on large outdoor screens throughout the world. The Tears of Themis crew is bringing the romantic world of the game to life from Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, and North America!

Are you excited to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Tears of Themis? Let us know in the comment section below!

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