Tencent Games’ poetic puzzler The Everlasting Regret is now available for Android & iOS

Tencent Games announced the release of their upcoming title The Everlasting Regret. It is a free-to-play, story-driven poetic puzzle game from Tencent’s Lightspeed & Quantum Studio, the makers of PUBG Mobile. The game features a gorgeous watercolour art style. The Everlasting Regret retells the tragic love story based on a classical Tang Dynasty poem by the poet Bai Juyi.

The Everlasting Regret is a fun lightweight and free-to-play game. It is the initial project from a design team of five recent college graduates who have just begun the first chapter on their career journey, tweeted Tencent. It is now available on Android and iOS in more than 50 countries with language support for English and Chinese.

The story behind The Everlasting Regret

It is said to have been inspired by the tragic love story of the seventh emperor of China’s Tang Dynasty. Emperor Xuanzong (birth name, Li Longji, 685-762 CE, r. 712-756 CE) and Lady Yang.

It is said that during the An Lushan Rebellion, Emperor Xuanzong and his cortege were fleeing from the capital Chang’an. The emperor’s guards demanded that he put Yang to death because they blamed the rebellion on her cousin and the rest of her family. The emperor reluctantly ordered for her execution and was forever haunted by memories of their time together.

Features of the game

The Everlasting Regret has the Original puzzle-solving gameplay with Fresh Chinese ink painting. The gentle and elegant art of the Tang Dynasty will give you a real immersive experience.

It has the golden stone recording system that is the combination of poetry/painting and cultural relics in the prosperous Tang Dynasty. It popularizes science knowledge and presents the cultural features of the most prosperous period in ancient China.

On top of the main story, there’s also an encyclopedia to check out, commentary to listen to, achievements to earn, and artefacts to enjoy. You can check out the official teaser of the game released by Tencent on YouTube.

This excellent but unimaginably tragic romantic tale is definitely going to touch your heart, so you should definitely try out the game. The Everlasting Regret is now available for download from both Android & iOS on Google Play and App Store respectively.

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