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Tencent’s Arena Breakout is expected to release on July 13 in China

One of the most awaited FPS game by Tencent!

Tencent’s Arena Breakout has been one of the most awaited strategic FPS games since the first announcement in ChinaJoy 2021. A beta version of the game was released in early August last year, particularly for China. Now, the development team is finally launching the last round of Closed Beta Test (CBT) on May 17, 2022, and this will be followed by the official release of Arena Breakout for China on July 13, 2022.

Escape the dark zone alive with a realistic FPS experience

Chinese game-developing tycoon Tencent has already been dominating the market for years, and now with Arena Breakout, the developers aim to create a new trend in the industry. Arena Breakout is an FPS battle royale game inspired by Escape from Tarkov. The game features an immersive dark zone battleground that contains a lot of strangers and dangers on the battlefield.  Players will be tasked with the challenge of escaping the dark zone alive.

Arena Breakout graphics
Image via Tencent

Tencent boasts about having the most realistic FPS experience in Arena Breakout, this is mainly because of how the game is structured overall. The game features unique parameters like Pain, hunger, and limb injury to support Tencent’s claims. Arena Breakout features high-quality graphics, players will have to fight against other squads to improve health, loot supplies, and accumulate wealth. 

Tencent Games will conduct one final round of CBT before release

After almost a year from the announcement and completing 10 million pre-orders, the game is finally being released in China on July 13 for both iOS and Android platforms. But before the main launch of the game, Tencent will be conducting one final round of closed beta tests (CBT) to make final changes to the game before release. 

Currently, Tencent is recruiting beta testers via applications, the test is a limited-time file deletion that will start on May 17th, users will be able to participate in the test by answering a questionnaire that will collect basic details and also get an idea about the users gaming experience. 

As of now, Arena Breakout is only limited to China, Tencent has given no information about a global release anywhere. But, looking at Tencent’s aggressive approach to dominate the global gaming market for the past few years there are chances of a global release for Arena of Breakout. Users can stay updated about all the information and participate in the CBT by visiting the official website here.

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