Tencent announces Arena Breakout: A new strategic FPS game

Mobile game lovers can look forward to an injury system that is unheard of in mobile gaming

Chinese game-developing tycoon Tencent Games has announced a brand new game called Arena Breakout, a strategic first-person shooter game for the mobile platform. The announcement was made yesterday at ChinaJoy 2021, the largest gaming expo/digital entertainment event in Asia. The event has opened yet another dimension to the ever-growing world of mobile gaming.

Gameplay Overview

The game, as per the official announcement, will have an injury system on a scale that hasn’t been seen on mobile gaming before. It will feature physical details extensively. It will reportedly display and mimic acute physical behaviors like pain and hunger.

There will also be separate injury systems for each body part and damage taken will be shown exclusively on the part that has been hit or affected. Such detailed features are yet to be incorporated into mobile games. It is now likely that Arena Breakout is going to be the first-ever mobile game to have such attention to detail.

Tencent announced Arena Breakout
Arena Breakout: Looks from Tencent Games’ new game

The game, which is being cited as the mobile counterpart of the popular PC title Escape From Tarkov, is setting the bar of expectations rather high due to its new and innovative features in the mobile gaming field. As it’s Tencent who is developing the game, it is highly likely that these expectations will be met as Tencent has proved itself more than up to the task when it comes to developing mobile versions of popular PC titles like Call Of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile, which has now earned more than 3 billion in revenue since its release.

Thus, even though Arena Breakout isn’t a mobile adaptation of a PC game, the developers are experienced with making games of that kind.

Arena Breakout Beta release date

Arena Breakout, as of yet, is only limited to China. The beta trials are expected to launch on August 12, 2021. It is expected that after the beta tests have concluded, the game will be released in China and eventually worldwide. As of now, the future plans of the game remain unknown. It will likely be announced once the testing phase of the game is over and is released to the public. Till then, we can only hope that the title is a success and takes mobile gaming to the next level.

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