Tencent’s Undawn is off to a rough start with only $2.4 million in revenue and 7.5 million downloads in the first two weeks of global release

A dip in revenue is not a good sign!

Undawn, the post-apocalypse survival title developed by Tencent’s subsidiary Lightspeed Studios and published by Level Infinite, has encountered a challenging beginning, generating revenue of merely $2.4 million while accumulating 7.5 million downloads within the initial two weeks of its global launch.

The data is a surprise following Undawn’s favorable reviews

Undawn is an open-world survival that got a global launch on June 15 this year. Despite receiving favorable reviews, Undawn’s performance has come as a surprise concerning the data following its global release. The game has struggled to generate significant revenue, earning only $2.4 million in the initial two weeks. Additionally, the number of downloads has also fallen short of expectations, reaching 7.5 million.

Undawn revenue two weeks
Image via Appmagic/GamingonPhone

According to AppMagic data, a significant surge in downloads for Undawn immediately after its global release date. The data reveals that the game consistently maintained a daily download rate of over 700k daily downloads since the day of release. While this figure is indeed remarkable, it did not experience a substantial peak and instead remained relatively stable over time.

The revenue chart, however, is something that will tingle the thoughts of the developers, for sure. Following the initial days of the game’s launch, the chart indicates a noticeable dip in revenue. The data on 17th June indicates the peak daily revenue, but since then, the dip has been constant, which is a disappointment for sure.

These figures contrast with the anticipated success and positive feedback the game received before its launch, raising questions about the factors contributing to its underwhelming performance. However, we shall need to wait before giving a final verdict on the charts and see if there is any growth seen.

What are your thoughts on Undawn grossing $2.4 million in revenue and 7.5 million downloads in the first two weeks of global release? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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Well, let’s see here.. they don’t listen to their players and have done nothing to fix issues. 1. Time limited events not everyone can play 2. They don’t really explain how to do anything in the game 3. Same repetitive stuff every day 4. Missions are time consuming. click here, move this, run 100 yards, go back to person and click chat 20 times 5. Many are stuck in a server with a language they don’t speak, so communication in events is impossible. and the only solution is to change servers and start from beginning. 6. Has ANYONE gotten a… Read more »

Ivan King

Well,, their main focus is getting money from the players for selling upgrade equipment so the player’s character can become stronger and dominate the gameplay, PvP and PvE. They also designed the game only for high end phones and PC’s, which is a downfall, why because not every gamer has the ability to have a high end device or PC. Look at freefire downloads in play store, why because low end device can run it and not just some high end device which will cost 500usd to 600usd just to play a game with a mission where you running to… Read more »

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