Tennis Clash partnered with Billie Jean King Cup for Online Event

A fresh Tennis event soon!

A historic event in Tennis, The Billie Jean King Cup, will be featured as an online event in the mobile game Tennis Clash soon. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) and Wildlife Studios, the makers of the popular mobile tennis game Tennis Clash, have announced a new partnership, that will bring this historic competition into the mobile gaming space with the help of online events. This will not only help in connecting the fans with the game but also have a look at the premier international team competition in women’s tennis.

About the Billie Jean King Cup online event

Developed by Wildlife Studios, Tennis Clash offers an exciting tennis experience. As a result, it has become highly popular not just with mobile gamers, but also tennis fans. This was one of the reasons the game was chosen to partner the special event. In the week that was due to feature the inaugural Billie Jean King Cup by BNP Paribas Finals, fans will be able to connect with the most important tournament between national teams in women’s tennis teams in alternative ways through an in-game tournament between April 15 to 18, 2021. 

The event will also coincide with the Billie Jean King Cup Playoffs taking place on April 16 and 17, marking a true celebration of the first action to be played under the new Billie Jean King Cup brand. Tennis and gaming fans alike will be able to enjoy the virtual competition, which will be divided into three leagues, namely: Rookie, Junior, and Challenger. To give a realistic look, the court will be stylized to match the Billie Jean King Cup visual identity.

Thoughts of ITF and Tennis Clash on the partnership

ITF President David Haggerty said: “We are delighted to partner with Wildlife to bring the Billie Jean King Cup to new audiences and in a different way for existing fans. One of the core values of the ITF and the Billie Jean King Cup is innovation, and now more than ever we must continue to modernise and enhance the fan experience. This is another step in delivering our bold ambitions to unlock the growth potential of the competition through new and innovative partnerships”.

Game Director of Tennis Clash, Ana Costa added: “Being able to create a Tennis Clash experience for the Billie Jean King Cup was very rewarding since this is the first time a global team competition has been named after a woman. Since tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, this partnership with ITF will keep everyone connected during these unprecedented times“. It will be indeed interesting to see how the game will feature this event.

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