The App Store dispute screams a need for a mobile market revolution, suggests Metacore CEO

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The anti-steering practices of Apple have been a topic of debate for a long time, and the new fees and restrictions for downloads from them caused more debates among the gaming community. Mika Tammenkoski, CEO of Metacore believes that the recent App Store dispute screams a need for a mobile market revolution and a big change.

Mika, who has been a veteran in the industry for over 25 years, believes that the industry needs a revolution in his recent opinion piece for He talks of the days when the phone companies controlled the mobile applications, but the launch of the iPhone and the App Store changed everything and adds that this landscape has evolved, and it’s time for another big change.

Mika proposes a Netflix-like marketplace offering curated content

Recent legal battles between Epic Games, Google, and Apple have been in the news, where earlier this year, tech giants Microsoft, Meta, X, and Match joined Epic Games to take a stand against the anti-steering practices of Apple, which also has been a thorn in Epic’s attempt to revive Fortnite, while recently terminating Epic Games Developer Account before tracking back.

Mika Tammenkoski Metacore CEO cover
Image via Mika Tammenkoski on LinkedIn

Tammenkoski suggests that the focus should be centered on adding value to consumers and allowing other entrants into the market instead of making profits. He believes that the future of the app store marketplace could involve customized marketplaces tailored to specific audiences, similar to how streaming services like Netflix offer curated content.

There’s also speculation about who will build and host these new marketplaces. Epic has already tried to create its app store with the Epic Games Store, and there’s the Netflix way of having games within a single application, which he thinks could potentially “pave the way for a new wave of startups”.

Netflix Games Gaming Netflix Cover Logo, mobile market revolution
Image via Netflix Games

Overall, Tammenkoski sees this as a turning point for the industry. He believes that by working together, developers and platform owners can create a better model that benefits everyone involved and drives growth in the app store marketplace for a mobile market revolution.

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