The Division Resurgence release date pushed to Early 2024; Next large-scale test in Fall 2023

Some changes in the roadmap!

Ubisoft has announced their upcoming third-person shooter title The Division Resurgence has its release date pushed to Early 2024 with the next large-scale test scheduled in the Fall of 2023. Currently, the development team is working on the feedback gathered during Phase 1 of the Regional Beta for The Division Resurgence.

The team is currently working on player progression and open-world gameplay 

In June, The Division Resurgence announced a roadmap where the game was set to be released globally in Fall 2023. However, as we were closing in on it, the delay of the release has been announced. The reason behind the release is due to the aim of further enhancing and optimizing the game to accommodate a wide range of devices. So, instead of the game releasing this Fall 2023, a large-scale test is scheduled.

In terms of the workaround the dev team is doing, an Agent Training tutorial mission will be added to help players become more proficient and enable them to engage in multiplayer aspects sooner through intermission sequences. Player progression has seen some improvements, including faster character level advancement, more rewarding loot from missions and activities, and a revised equipment power progression.

The Division Resurgence gameplay
Image via Ubisoft

A new Armory system is also in the works, encouraging the collection and utilization of various weapons for added benefits. Finally, enhancements to the open world are also undergoing which include the introduction of fast travel to any world event for easier navigation and improved loot rewards for those exploring the game world.

The Apple Event 2023 also saw the showcase of the game, which discussed the possibilities the game would bring upon its launch on the iPhone 15 device.

The Division Resurgence release date (new)

The Division Resurgence iOS Store Page
Image via The Division Resurgence on iOS App Store

Speaking of the release, the iOS App Store page indicates a release date of March 31, 2024, roughly 6 months away from now. Usually, these release dates tend to be correct, but we hope to get the game at the earliest. The game is open for pre-registration, where interested players can follow up on the game from the Google Play Store and Apple Store for Android and iOS respectively.

What are your thoughts on The Division Resurgence release date being pushed to Early 2024? Let us know in the comments below!

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