The Division Resurgence next beta to release in Summer with loaded content

New test ahead of the launch

Since its announcement back on 7th July 2022, Tom Clancy’s The Division: Resurgence has been one of the most hyped games among mobile gamers, given its popularity from the last beta test. The Division: Resurgence is the debut title of the Division franchise for mobile devices. Like its PC and console counterparts, Resurgence will be a third-person shooter RPG, which is set in an open world.

After a successful live test, the developers have announced a new regional beta test for the game in the upcoming summer. The announcement was made by Chris Watters from the Ubisoft News team through the Division Day Livestream.

The Division Resurgence beta test: Overview

As previously announced, the title will have an independent storyline that will take place between the events of The Division 1 and Division 2. However, the game will share a lot of similar features with its PC counterparts.

Additionally, through the first gameplay reveal, the developers have also announced that they will be adding a lot of new features to the gameplay of The Division Resurgence. The new features include the fictional Dark Zone, new peek and fire combat system, and the support of controllers on mobile devices.

During the recent Division Day Livestream, Ubisoft announced more features that are going to be added in the next beta version. The developers will be adding a new campaign, solo, and co-op mode on the mobile version of the game. Additionally, Ubisoft is also adding factions and weapons to add more to the gameplay experience.

How to participate in The Division Resurgence Summer Regional Beta

The pre-registration for the summer regional beta of The Division Resurgence is already ongoing. Interested players can check here to register themselves for the upcoming beta test. The developers have confirmed that this beta will include more people from more regions. Players will be able to play the majority portion of the game for the first time through this beta test. However, the regions for the beta test is yet to be revealed by the developers.

The Division Resurgence: release date

The official release date of the game has not been announced yet by the developers. However, Ubisoft has confirmed that The Division Resurgence is going to be released this fiscal year. The developers have further confirmed that the game will start rolling toward its global release as soon as the summer beta test ends.

What are your thoughts on The Division Resurgence regional beta test? Let us know in the comments below!

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