The future of COD Mobile looks uncertain as Microsoft gears up for Activision Blizzard acquisition

The future of CODM is looking bleak

COD Mobile, without a doubt one of the best and most popular shooter games on the mobile platform’s future looks a bit bleak as it might be nearing its end, as per rumors. The official mobile port of the world-famous Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty Mobile enjoyed a lot of success and buzz during its peak days. Even now, when the past buzz is gone, the game is still popular and generates a lot of revenue for Activision. In what seems like a seemingly abrupt decision, we will explore the likely causes behind it.

The sunset of COD Mobile: What might be the driving factors behind this decision

Although the rumors or leaks in question which triggered the circulation of this news have not been confirmed by any of the entities involved, the apprehension is still at an all-time high. A lot of the prominent pages on social media and content creators associated with CODM have acknowledged the likelihood of this occurring, which is part of the reason behind the traction this leak is getting.

The shutdown of the game is occurring on the eve of the much-publicized acquisition of Call of Duty’s parent company Activision by American tech giant Microsoft. Although people were expecting some announcements regarding changes in the way the company would be run, not many people expected the abrupt shutdown of one of the most well-performing games of the franchise in the present day. Although it can also be due to the hassle that might come with acquiring the publishing licenses from TiMi Studios, the developer of COD Mobile and a subsidiary of Tencent.

This step might be a strategy to get more players interaction with Warzone Mobile

One of the most widely accepted reasons as to why the said decision is being taken is due to the possibility of the developers wanting to direct more players to Warzone Mobile. If COD Mobile remains available when Warzone Mobile initially launches, a lot of the players might still choose the old COD Mobile over the new game and choose to stick with it, due to their familiarity with it. This can damage the popularity of Warzone Mobile and might result in a stunted reception.

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, COD Warzone Mobile
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Not only that, but a divided fanbase will mean that there would not be a clear “money-making” game as the purchases and their resultant revenue will be divided as well. Thus, it might be a business strategy to maximize revenue from the Warzone Mobile game by directing the investing players of COD Mobile to Warzone Mobile. Although it might sound harsh to those who invested a lot in COD Mobile, the developers cannot really be held accountable, as it all boils down to business profit at the end of the day.

There is still no concrete indication as to how this saga will finally turn out as there are still mixed reactions coming out

The latest leak relevant news regarding the future of COD Mobile, is a quote from Ferg, the most popular CODM creator out there, saying “COD Mobile is not shutting down.” This has come as a huge deterrent to those saying the game will be gone as Ferg is pretty well-known for being someone who has acquaintances at Activision and is very susceptible to receiving insider information. As short as the statement is, it is really offering a glimmer of hope for the fans of CODM right now.

Although there is still no concrete indication as to how this saga will finally turn out, we can all hope that the concerned companies, namely Microsoft and Activision come to an intermediary solution. It is desirable that Warzone Mobile performs as expected without COD Mobile being a deterrent.

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Image via Activision

But we also have to embrace new things which come out in order to keep the game industry evolving and moving forward. Also, keep an eye out on this space as we dig in further and bring out more information regarding this, in the coming days.

Are you looking forward to Warzone Mobile? What are your thoughts about the rumors regarding the future of COD Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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