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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross celebrates its 4th anniversary with the Grand Festival

Celebrate the anniversary with exciting new in-game content and events!

The ‘Grand Festival’ has been launched by Netmarble, a well-known creator and distributor of top-notch mobile games, to celebrate The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross (7DS) 4th Anniversary. A new character, one-time events, incentives, and other things are included in this special in-game update.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross brings its 4th-anniversary celebration in two parts, Gift and Snatch

Gift (May 30 – June 13) and Snatch (June 13 and 27) are the two parts of the game’s 4th Anniversary “Grand Festival” update that players can participate in. The new content and events include:[0]=AZVLp8VMjq8o4iWEPfBtcbXEMrJRylLtoKJYvXn8Zm680NCA5yqWV2Y25Sio_ZcjlG-o-CWtTrPaMcWfK6yroyAoxB1WIG1LO8frcmH3owqPp1w78a7JPL70ibRMIt3Dqhgvc1c9FFRKyc1BJA6lP2crqUvGx6BwPfEeelSQry6O2v1V33dRKVHgciBH5AKNPAY&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

New Character

The roster of heroes in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross who can be used as players now include Transcendent Ban.

Grand Cross 4th Anniversary Survey Festival Draw

During this event, players will have the chance to acquire the recently added hero [The Seven Deadly Sins] Transcendent Ban. This draw will feature several well-known heroes, such as [Cursed Shackles] Purgatory Meliodas and [Fire of Life] Ultimate Escanor. While [The Seven Deadly Sins] Transcendent Ban is guaranteed at 900 miles, 1 SSR hero is assured at 300 miles and 600 miles.

Starter Rush Draw Returns (May 23-)

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross 4th anniversary
Image via Netmarble

Players will have one opportunity each day for 11 consecutive draws over 14 days (a total of 154 draws). At 300 miles, one festival hero is certain. Diamonds can be used to purchase a festival hero at 450 and 600 miles. All heroes will be supplied in a fully awoken, UR 90 condition.

Grand Cross 4th Anniversary Check-in Events

  • 4th Anniversary Eve Special Check-in Event (May 23~): For ten days, a ticket will be made available for the 4th Anniversary Eve Special Guest Step-up Draw. Every day, there will be a chance to win 11 consecutive draws in total (110 draws). Earnings include two SSR heroes, including the brand-new MAVE: Lead Vocal Zena.
  • Grand Cross 4th Anniversary Check-in Event Part I (May 30~): For 28 days, players can earn a maximum of 300 Diamond Rewards.
  • Grand Cross 4th Anniversary Check-in Event Part II (May 30~): Players can collect up to 140 tickets over the 14-day promotional period, which can be used to unlock the 4th Anniversary Jumping Gift Box.

4th Anniversary Jumping Gift Box Event

Image via Netmarble

A maximum of five UR 90-level completely awakened heroes and seven fully awakened equipment sets can be obtained during the event.

4th Anniversary Grand Festival Special Mission

Players can receive rewards by completing all five of the missions in this game. 10 Grand Cross, 1 One-Step Evolution Token Earnings include high-quality growth material, 50 4th Anniversary Jumping Gift Box Tickets, and 4th Anniversary Survey Festival Draw Tickets.

4th Anniversary Event Boss Parade

There will be three bosses: Aboru, Indigenous Purgatory Creature, and Graeon. Earnable items include growth material, diamond, and 4th Anniversary Jumping Gift/Snatch Tickets.

The game also features additional new in-game content with its 4th anniversary update

This game update offers players more brand-new stuff, such as the 4th Anniversary Ban’s Special Recipe. This is a brand-new culinary item that has benefits like raising the possibility of obtaining resources to improve costume and demon materials. Players can now earn in-game items and points by winning a string of matches by choosing defense decks from various leagues in the new PVE Contents “Hero Arena.”

In addition, Chapter 27 and Fresh Holy Relics for Queen Diane and Lostvayne Meliodas have been included. Finally, in honor of the fourth anniversary, the highest level “Evolution” (LR level), which affects both the heroes’ look and their ultimate move, has been modified. It will only be possible to upgrade Lostvayne Meliodas to the LR level.

Are you excited about the 4th-anniversary celebration of The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross? Let us know in the comments below!

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