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The Walking Dead: All-Stars is a new RPG by Com2uS globally available for Android and iOS

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The Walking Dead: All-Stars is a brand-new mobile collection RPG by Com2uS Holdings, a well-known international developer and publisher of mobile games, in collaboration with Skybound Entertainment. It is set in the captivating post-apocalyptic universe of The Walking Dead. Players will traverse a devastated wasteland, engage in dramatic PvP battles against the Walker hordes and other survivors, and gather crucial resources that will help their sanctuary thrive. The Walking Dead: All-Stars is available as a free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

“The Walking Dead’ is an iconic franchise that has touched all corners of the entertainment, and we are thrilled to bring fans a new type of survival RPG experience that they can enjoy from anywhere on mobile,” said Kyu Lee, President, Com2uS USA. “The talented teams at Skybound Entertainment and FUNFLOW have done an amazing job blending an immersive and authentic storyline with a rich gameplay experience, and we can’t for players to check out ‘All-Stars’ first hand.” he added

Experience and survive the zombie outbreak in a post-apocalyptic universe

Players in The Walking Dead: All-Stars will start their struggle for survival in the town of Asyl, an upstate New York haven built by passengers of a cruise ship that sank following the outbreak. There are many losses as a result of the survivors’ forced foraging in the barren, Walker-infested countryside after running out of supplies.

The Walking Dead All Stars
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Players will go out on a perilous mission to rescue more of their own and assemble a team to combat the undead after learning of another group of survivors in the Chicago Harbor region over the radio. Players will engage in combat with Walkers and other competitor survivors as they explore new places, and gather survivors, allies, and beloved Skybound series characters like Rick, Michonne, and Glenn. With the materials they gather, they will eventually construct and evolve their very own sanctuary.

“When we set out to create ‘The Walking Dead: All-Stars,’ our goal was to push the boundaries of the IP and develop a brand-new storyline to captivate RPG enthusiasts and diehard fans of the comics alike,” said Mike Rogers, Creative Director, Skybound Entertainment. “Com2uS Group and FUNFLOW have been terrific partners, and their expertise in RPGs has been key to bringing our vision to life. It’s safe to say this will be a Walking Dead experience unlike any other.” he added.

Players will get to use collection RPG features to recruit survivors and supplies as they advance through All-Stars. Additionally, by turning on the game’s “auto search” feature, individuals can continue to earn currency through an inactive activity even when they are offline.

Are you excited as The Walking Dead: All-Stars by Com2us is now available for Android and iOS? Let us know in the comments below!

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