Tiny Pixel Knight – Idle RPG Adventure Tales is currently available as beta early access

Loongcheer game has recently released a new Pixel-style idle relaxing RPGTiny Pixel Knight – Idle RPG Adventure Tales on the Google Play Store as a part of beta early access. This upcoming game is suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing mood from playing mobile games.

Story behind Tiny Pixel Knight

For thousands of years, the pixel kingdom has been harassed and invaded by monsters. As lands are occupied by monsters, the living zone of human beings is becoming smaller and smaller. The tiny knight thinks that the reason why humans can’t defeat monsters is that they know nothing about the monsters!

Tiny Pixel Knight beta early access
Embark on a special Adventure in Tiny Pixel Knight

In Tiny Pixel Knight, the adventure will start for the players and the goal for the players will be to investigate all monsters and make an index for the fights they face in the game. After finishing the goal, there might be a surprise waiting for you where maybe the lovely princess will fall in love with you, who knows?

This game will have rich features for idle players

  • Explore Pixel World
    • Idle game and auto-fight
    • Unlock 10+ mysterious areas (Forest, relic, desert, island, dragon cave…)
    • Battle to unlock more hidden story
  • Cultivate Your Role
    • Train your heroes with a skill tree of over 200 skills
    • Rebirth to break the limit
    • Level up talents to grow permanently
  • External Enhancement Systems
    • Forge and upgrade your gears
    • Analyze scrolls to get scroll effects
    • Use the power of the spirits
  • Fulfill the Monster Index
    • Battle Hundred of monsters to finish the index
    • Unlock the index to check their interesting monster introduction
  • A Large Achievement System
    • Unlock achievements to gain resources
    • Complete all the achievements!

Tiny Pixel Knight is an easy-to-play idle relaxing game with specific goals

The gameplay will be a bit easy for the players while the tiny pixel knight fights the monsters himself. What you need to do is to choose the right time to challenge the Boss. The pixel art style of the game is bright, with relaxing background music. Players can enjoy a good mood while playing the game. You can play the game in your trivial time, or in the time you want to relax. 

Tiny Pixel Knight beta early access
Tiny Pixel Knight is an easy-to-play idle relaxing game

The main goal of the game is to unlock all the maps and investigate all the monsters. To achieve this goal you need to be stronger. The joy of this game is in the progress of unlocking the world map, discovering new monsters, and becoming stronger. 

Forge new gears and Collect scrolls and elves

There are many ways to be stronger in the game. You can forge news gears, collect scrolls and elves in the game. Once you gorge a gear, it can be remolded, enhanced, and refined.

The scrolls can increase your skills ability and provide you buffs. Moreover, you can gain scrolls by proceeding with the maps. During your adventure, you may meet elves who will become your friend and increase your stats in the game.

Tiny Pixel Knight beta early access
Forge new gears and Collect scrolls and elves in Tiny PIxel Knight

Furthermore, the skill tree of your tiny pixel knight is very large. With over 200 skill choices, you can create your tiny knight with a unique skill match. Added to this, the talent system can provide various buffs in-game. Both the skill tree and the talent system could be reset.

If you are looking for a relaxing casual game, or you are a lover of light RPG, you can definitely try this game as Tiny Pixel Knight has now been released for Android devices and is a part of beta early access and will be available on Google Play Store for download.

Are you excited now about the announcement of the beta early access of Tiny Pixel Knight – Idle RPG Adventure Tales? Let us know in the comments below.

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