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Torchlight: Infinite to launch globally this May 9, 2023

New hero Bing and major gameplay reworks unveiled for the RPG’s global launch!

Following the success of its open beta, the global launch date of Torchlight: Infinite was announced during a livestream of the community. The loot-hauling, dungeon-crawling ARPG will be fully free to play on both PC and mobile platforms starting on May 9 at 1 AM BST, and Hunters will be able to sync and easily transfer progress between devices.

The start of a daring new season for Torchlight: Infinite on May 9th will also herald the addition of new features and playable content as well as a revamp of the game’s loot and crafting systems. The “Cube of Rapacity” new season launch, which will offer the ideal starting place for those who are new to the game and tempt seasoned Hunters to see what has changed since open beta, will entice both groups of players.

Torchlight Infinite to feature a new playable hero and gameplay mechanic with the global launch

Torchlight Infinite global launch
Image via XD Inc.

Escapist Bing, the newest playable character in Torchlight Infinite, is the star of the new season. This erratic troublemaker enchants his enemies with a blinding stream of explosions, adding some major boom to the RPG’s character roster. Players of Thea may try out her brand-new Hero Trait, Divine Realm, which opens up even more gameplay options for the enigmatic Oracle of Torchlight.

Cube of Rapacity
Image via XD Inc.

The “Cube of Rapacity”, a new gameplay mechanic that gives Torchlight’s dungeon-crawling an intriguing risk-reward component was revealed during the community webcast. The mysterious cubes that can be taken from Desire Incarnations can be Divinity Slates, which are rare artefacts that fit together like a jigsaw. In the new season, complete Divinity Slate patterns to gain rewards, but beware: the Cube of Rapacity has a way of punishing Hunters who become overly avaricious.

Torchlight Infinite brings new features and system improvements to the game

Since the start of the open beta, XD Games has been carefully considering user feedback while working on several new features and system updates. The following are some of Torchlight’s main upcoming changes: Infinite.

  • Crafting overhaul – With the new Prototype Production and Targeted Processing systems introduced by this significant rework, Hunters will be able to begin making gear earlier and upgrade more frequently.
  • New “Guild” feature  Hunters can start and join guilds where they can interact with friends and get rewards through guild activities.
  • Hero builds made easier – New Hunters will pick up the game’s mechanics more quickly and can put together potent hero builds more easily thanks to a tool that recommends beginner builds.
  • Higher damage limit – The single-hit damage limit has increased thanks to a modification in the underlying computations’ digit count!
  • Pactspirit improvements – Save your preferred Pactspirit setups so you can quickly switch between them.
  • Bragging rights – View your performance statistics and communicate battle reports with other players after finishing a stage.
  • Void Rifts – These are now visible on maps; enter a Void Rift to engage in furious combat and reap great benefits.
  • New Trade House functionality – In the advanced search, it is now able to look for repeated affixes. After exiting the Trade House, the advanced search parameters will still be in effect.

Torchlight: Infinite will continue to develop with much more content and features planned, with XD’s global launch marking yet another significant turning point for this cherished action RPG franchise.

Are you excited about the global launch of Torchlight: Infinite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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