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Tower of Fantasy announces server merging in batches starting from April 17, 2023

A compensation of 300 dark crystals is also included

Tower of Fantasy has announced that some of their servers will start merging in batches, with the first one starting and completing during the April 17 maintenance. This is to improve the game environment for Wanderer interaction and also the user experience while playing the game.

Tower of Fantasy Server Merging details

The server merging will begin on April 17, 2023, at 06:00 UTC with the maintenance concluding at 09:00 UTC. As a part of server merging compensation, 300 dark crystals will be distributed to all the players who have reached Wanderer Lv. 6 before the maintenance during the Server Merge.

The Server merging details are given below region-wise.

RegionList of Merged Servers
North AmericaOumuamua, Sol-III, Silver Bridge, Nirvana, Ozera, Polar
Asia-PacificCocoaiteruyo, Food Fighter, Vega, Moon, Mihashira, Cocokonderu
EuropeLyramiel, Olivine, Omnium Prime, Turmus, Transport Hub, The Lumina, Seaforth Dock
South AmericaCentaurus, Cepheu, Columba, Corvus, Cygnus, Grus, Hydra, Lyra, Ophiuchus, Pyxis
Southeast AsiaFantasia, Oryza, Mistilteinn, Valhalla, Illyrians, Florione, Oneiros, Famtosyana, Edenia

Players do not have to worry about taking any extra steps during or after the merging. Everything will be taken care of by the technicians themselves and can contact the support service if there are any extra queries involved.

Tower of Fantasy achievements
Image via Level Infinite

Wanderers need to log into the game again after the Server Merge for their levels, Achievements, Wormhole, and Bygone Phantasm to be listed on the merged server’s leaderboard. Also, Character IDs from servers with an earlier server open time will be retained when there are duplicate names on the merged servers.

The idea of merging servers was discussed for quite a while

This decision was in discussion for a long time, as players felt that they were limited to playing on the server they selected during the character creation. So, this dates back to 2022, when the developers announced that Tower of Fantasy to allow server merge shortly followed by the server transfer update.

Recently while responding to multiple queries from players, makers confirmed their intention to implement server merges during Version 2.4, which is announced now. However, plans of adding two new servers were also mentioned in the same thread, but an announcement is yet to be made.

What are your thoughts about the Tower of Fantasy server merging? Do let us know in the comments below!

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