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Tower of Fantasy climbing trick will let you climb without worrying about your stamina meter

Now climb easily using a simple trick!

Tower of Fantasy is the new open-world MMO genre game made by Perfect World Entertainment and published by Level Infinite. Tower of Fantasy gives players the opportunity to make their moves by taking their character’s endurance in mind. Be it dodging enemies, sprinting, or notorious wall climbing. Set in a world with many hills and lots of greenery, it needs no saying that players often need to climb walls of mountains to get from one point to another. And the thing that frustrates the most is endurance which seems to be a big problem. We will show you the perfect climbing trick that will help you to climb in Tower of Fantasy without worrying about the endurance meter.

How to perform the climbing trick in Tower of Fantasy

Climbing trick tower of fantsy
Image via Level Infinite

To pull this trick properly, 3 steps need to be done in a sequence. For better understanding, these 3 steps are mentioned below in proper sequence. Find a hill or surface wall which can be climbed on it. Then climb a bit up. Then:

  1. Press the Ctrl button if on PC or the drop button if on other platforms.
  2. As the character starts falling, double press the Space (PC) or the jump button, if on other platforms.
  3. As soon as the jump animation finishes, press the W button or move forward so that the character can latch itself up to the surface again.

Keep in mind that all these 3 steps must be done one after another and in a timely manner. Otherwise, the player would end up losing more height than building up. All the key assignments for the PC version in this article are according to the default assignments. Please refer to your settings page for relevant buttons if you have made changes in the key assignments. 

Tof climbing trick
Image via Level Infinite

If you are confused, you can check this video for reference. Although, this thing is not patched yet. But it is expected to be patched as the developers are working their best to make this game better. Let us know how you liked this trick.

What are your thoughts about the climbing trick in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments below!

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