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Tower of Fantasy reveals Fenrir Simulacrum for the CN version

New simulacrum, brings new excitement to the game!

Tower of Fantasy, the latest and rising gacha title of Level Infinite has recently revealed a new simulacrum in the CN version of the game. The simulacrum, namely Fenrir is currently available in the CN version of the game.

Tower of Fantasy introduces Fenrir, a simple girl with multiple personalities

Fenrir is a nice character in the game. Many players are amazed about having multiple personalities of one character, Time to time, while being alone, she enjoys doing things she wants such as listening to music and dancing to the beats.

To Fenrir, this is named “Happy time”. Fenrir also seems to have a weakness in the snacks. In case of confrontation with enemies, Fenrir becomes a character with a cold personality, ruthless enough to take down the enemy. Her weapon is named “Gleipnir”.

TOF Fenrir
Image via Level Infinite

Tower of Fantasy has been a rising title among the gacha community. Initially, it was dubbed as the competitor of other gacha titles including Genshin Impact. In the early stages, the game was only restricted to the players in the CN region. But as the popularity of the game increased and was a bit different than the other gacha titles, more players wanted the game to be available for global players also.

With so much positive feedback from the developers, the game finally made its way to the global players this year and is making its player base bigger day by day. Since the game was released earlier in the CN region than the global region, the global version lacks contents that were available in the CN region, but not in the global version.

But the global version is getting frequent updates with a lot of exciting content. This is helping the game to catch up with the CN version of the game in terms of content, story, and more. New Simulacra are steadily being introduced in the game as the updates keep coming.

Are you excited about the new Fenrir Simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments below!

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